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1. Set up your eRaider. 

You will access the Tasklist using your eRaider credentials.  You can set up your access after you have been admitted.  We recommend starting now so you will be ready to log in once the Tasklist becomes available.

Please note: This log in is different than the Raider Connect credentials you used during the Admissions process.

Need an eRaider Activation Code?

If you need to request a new eRaider activation code, please contact:


2. Do you have access to the Tasklist?

Only students meeting all of the following information on their admissions application will ever be able to access the Tasklist.

  • Fully Admitted for at least 24 hours
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Degree-Seeking
  • Attending the Lubbock Campus*

Please contact the Office of Admissions at 806-742-1480 to verify or change any of your application information, if needed.

*If you applied for a Distance/Online/Regional program, you should contact your academic advisor to see what items you need to complete for your particular program.

Click here for more answers to our FAQs.

3. Get your guns up and get started!

If you have questions, make sure to check out our About the Tasklist page to learn more about what the Tasklist is and how to use it to complete your tasks.

The links on the main menu also provide great information about some of the tasks you will need to complete.

Remember, your tasklist is personalized to YOU and may be different that other students. 

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NOTE: If you are a Summer/Fall 2021 student looking for "Voices for Change" information, you  will receive a link to your TTU email when the course becomes available in October.  You can also visit www.rise.ttu.edu or email rise@ttu.edu for questions about this education course.

Texas Tech University Admitted Student Tasklist

Tasklist Icons

Help IconGet Help. Within the Tasklist, click on the question mark to see contact  information to get help completing any particular item. Each item has a different contact office.

Automated GearAutomated Item. This step will automatically be marked as complete within 24 to 48 hours after you complete an automated task (such as reserving your orientation date).

checkboxManual Item. After you have completed this step, mark as complete by clicking on the checkbox.

pending iconPending Item. This step will become available at a later date or
after you have completed all required prerequisite steps.