Texas Tech University

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)


The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate that requires students to be assessed in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling in college, and to be advised based on the results of that assessment. For more information, please visit the Texas Success Initiative website.

Texas Tech University places registration holds on students' accounts to ensure they are compliant with the state mandated proficiencies.

You can view your holds when you log into the RRO registration system. Your holds, if any, are listed under the Questionnaire page, in the Student Information section.

Find out if you are TSI Complete, if you need to take the TSI Assessment, and turn in TSI test scores and exemptions:

TSI Compliance Office
West Hall 103A
(806) 834-3491

3 Types of TSI Holds

Three different types of TSI Holds exist and are placed on your account depending where in the compliance process you are at.

Pay special attention to the SPECIFIC wording of your TSI hold.  

1. TSI Hold New Student (TR) – Registrar's Office

The "TSI Hold New Student" is a temporary hold placed on a student account until the TSI Compliance Office has had a chance to review your files.

Action to take:

No action is required to remove this hold. Once your records have been reviewed by the TSI Compliance Office the hold will automatically be removed if you are considered TSI Complete or will be replaced with a TSI Testing Hold.

You should check back to see if testing is required, as indicated by a TSI Hold for a specific test (see below).

If you think you might be complete, you can review the TSI Exemptions to find out if you will have to take the TSI Assessment test. If you are not exempt, you must take the TSI Assessment test.

2. TSI Hold Needs (TR) – Registrar's Office

A "TSI Hold Needs" is placed on students enrolling without a TSI Exemption requires testing. If you have a TSI Hold Needs, you will be required to take the TSI Assessment to measure proficiency in the basic areas of study for fulfillment of the TSI requirement.

A student may have one of several TSI Holds Needs depending on which areas require testing. Pay special attention to the specific wording of your TSI hold.

  1. Math (M)
  2. Writing (W)
  3. Reading (R)
  4. Math and Writing (M/W or W/M)
  5. Math and Reading (M/R or R/M)
  6. Reading and Writing (R/W or W/R)
  7. All (M/W/R)

Your hold might be followed by "em" and a date. This indicates that the Registrar's Office sent you an email on the date indicated to inform you about any required TSI testing.

Action to take:

The TSI Assessment exam is a state approved test for TSI compliance. This test is offered daily throughout orientation. You may come as a walk-in between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Seating is limited, but you will be worked into a testing lab as soon as a seat is available. You must take the exam before you can register for any classes.

All students needing to take the TSI Assessment are STRONGLY encouraged to test PRIOR to Red Raider Orientation. This may mean you need to arrive a day before your scheduled RRO session.

The TSI Assessment test is offered at the Academic Testing Services at TTU. Be sure you bring your driver's license and your payment with you to the test.

If you think you might be exempt, you can review the TSI Exemptionsto find out if you will have to take the TSI Assessment test. If you are not exempt, you must take the TSI Assessment test.
Steps to follow for TSI Assessment testing:

  1. Take the TSI Pre-Assessment. The pre-assessment can be taken at home.
  2. The TSI test is administered in 214 West Hall.
  3. Visit the Academic Testing Services website to see testing dates and times.
  4. Pay $50.00 check, money order or credit/debit card.
  5. Present a valid government issued picture I.D. such as a license or passport.

For more information, please visit the Texas Success Initiative website.

3. TSI Needs Advising (TR) – Texas Success Initiative

If you do not meet one of the exemption requirements AND do not earn the minimum score on one or more sections of the TSI Assessment, the TSI Needs Advising Hold is placed to ensure students are registered in the appropriate developmental courses and that compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is being met.

Action to take:

When you attend Red Raider Orientation, you will meet with a TSI Advisor. During check-in at your RRO session, you will receive information with an appointment to meet your TSI Advisor. You MUST attend this TSI Advising session, in addition to your academic advising session, in order to register for classes.