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Each donation to the Red Raider CAMPaign will contribute to fee waivers that will be given to new students in financial need that would not be able to attend without your help. 

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With your donation, a new Red Raider will gain a sense of belonging and a foundation to help transition to Texas Tech University. Join us to instill the Red Raider spirit and traditions that make our university great.

Thank you to our 2020 Red Raider CAMPaign donors!

  • Linda and Charles Mac Ahan
  • Kent Hamilton
  • Kycia Spriggins
  • James Stiefelmaier
  • Gina Zapata
  • Jensen Gressett
  • Audrey Mays
  • Devin DeLapp
  • Lauren Appenroth
  • Dr. Cathy Duran
  • Heath Cheek
  • Marlon Hart
  • Britta Tye
  • Ileana Hinojosa
  • Michael Raley
  • Michael Eichman
  • Jacy Cabler
  • Collin Cockerham
  • Erin Baker
  • Shelly Richards
  • Sandra Addo
  • Emma Turner
  • Caitlin Eason
  • Jamie Stippel
  • Lauren Morris
  • Camrey Sanchez
  • Chad Loudermilk
  • James and Bobbie Jackson
  • Michael and Sara Weaver
  • Eric Honesto
  • Jessika and Lucas McKernan
  • Roy and Penny Sanchez
  • Rossen, Jolie, Averly, and Paisley Manning
  • Mark Carroll
  • Eric and Jess Sanchez