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The International Journal of Arts Management is available for on-site examination to students who arrange an appointment at the Dean's Office (742-0700). Under no circumstances can issues be borrowed, although articles can be photocopied at the rate of ten cents per page (correct change only). The college subscription will end in 2011, feature articles in recent issues appear below.

Vol. 14/1, Fall 2011:

  • Gabriel García Márquez and the Foundation for a New Ibero-American Journalism
  • The Manifestation of Market Orientation and Its Antecedents in the Program Planning of Arts Organizations
  • Web Strategies and the Performing Arts: A Solution to Difficult Brands
  • Loyalty Behaviours and Segmentation of Performing Arts Audiences: The Case of Th âtre de l'Ath n e in Paris
  • Communication Strategies to Enhance the Effectiveness of Product Placement in Movies: The Case of Comparative Appeal

Vol. 13/2, Winter 2011:

  • Portrait of a Star: National Gallery of Victoria
  • The Influence of Messages and Benefits on Donors' Attributed Motivations: Findings of a Study With 14 American Performing Arts Presenters
  • Can the Generation Gap Impede Immersion in an Exhibition? The Case of Annisettanta (The 1970s)
  • Measuring Museum Service Quality in Relationship to Visitor Membership: The Case of a Children's Museum
  • A Conceptual Framework for Studying Succession in Artistic and Administrative Leadership in the Cultural Sector

Vol. 13/1, Fall 2010:

  • "Orchestre Symphonique de Montr al: Getting Back in the Limelight"
  • "A Taste of What's to Come: The Appetitive Value of Sequential Product Launches"
  • "Museums as Serigraphs or Unique Masterpieces: Do American Art Museums Display Differentiation in Their Mission Statements?"
  • "Paradox in the Worlds of Art: Socio-economic Stability and Organizational Multiplicity"
  • "The Art of Leadership: An Evolutionary Perspective"

Vol. 12/1, Fall 2009:

  • "Op ra de Montr al: An Inspiring Turnaround"
  • "Talking Theatre Is More Than a Test Drive: Two Audience Development Methodologies Under Review"
  • "Beyond Branding: Contemporary Marketing Challenges for Arts Organizations"
  • "Internationalization of the Production Process in the US Film Industry: The Case of the United Kingdom"
  • "Aesthetic Relations in Place of the Lone Hero in Arts Leadership: Examples from Film Making and Orchestral Performance"
  • "Customer Identification and Retention: The Determinants of Intention to Re-patronize in the Film Industry"

Vol. 11/3, Spring 2009:

  • "The Renaissance of the Royal Ontario Museum: Architecture Meets Experiential Marketing"
  • "Consumer Attitudes towards Music Piracy: A Spanish Case Study"
  • "The Audience Experience: Measuring Quality in the Performing Arts"
  • "Brand Orientation of Museums: Model and Empirical Results"
  • "I'd Rather Play than Look at Statues: The Experiences of Children with Art Works and Interactive Devices at an Art Exhibition"
  • "Managing Cultural Events and Meetings Activities in European Urban Destinations"

Vol. 11/2, Winter 2009:

  • "The National Arts Centre: An Institution Unique in North America"
  • "Exploring the Place of Museums in European Leisure Markets: An Approach Based on Consumer Values"
  • "The Process of Historic Evolution of Organizational Fields: An Analysis of Museums and Theatres in Southern and Northeastern Brazil"
  • "Performance Measurement of Heritage Conservation Activity in Sicily"
  • "Use of the Balanced Scorecard and Performance Metrics to Achieve Operational and Strategic Alignment in Arts and Culture Not-for-Profits"
  • "Performance Measurement in the Arts Sector: The Case of the Performing Arts"

Vol. 11/1, Fall 2008:

  • "Richard Monette, Antoni Cimolino and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival: The King and the Dauphin"
  • "Creative Process as Strategic Alliance"
  • "Creative Industries: The Business of Definition and Cultural Management Practice"
  • "Using 'Values' to Position and Promote Museums"
  • "Conceptualizing and Measuring the Perceived Value of an Arts Venue as Applied to Live Performance"
  • "Do Immersive Technologies Add Value to the Museumgoing Experience? An Exploratory Study Conducted at France's Pal osite"
  • "Management of the Client Relationship in Museums: Development of a Mobile Telephone Application (SMS)"

Vol. 10/3, Spring 2008:

  • "Gran Teatre del Liceu: Rising from the Ashes"
  • "Positioning Strategies of Cultural Institutions: A Renewal of the Offer in the Face of Shifting Consumer Trends"
  • "Performance Measurement in Opera Companies: Comparing the Subjective Quality Judgements of Experts and Non-experts"
  • "Personal Time and Social Time: Their Role in Live Performance Attendance"
  • "The Personality of Performing Arts Venues: Developing a Measurement Scale"
  • "Academic Assessment of Arts Management Journals: A Multidimensional Rating Survey"

Vol. 10/2, 2008:

  • "Hitting a High Note: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Reverses a Decade of Decline with New Programs, New Services and New Prices"
  • "Financial Crises in the Arts Sector: Is Governance the Illness or the Cure?"
  • "The Influence of Market and Product Orientation on Museum Performance"
  • "Investing in Art Movements: The Case of Surrealist Paintings"
  • "Developing a Conceptual Model for Repurchase Intention in the Performing Arts: The Roles of Emotion, Core Service and Service Delivery"
  • "Admission Charges and Public Museums"

Vol. 10/1, 2007:

  • "Mikhal Piotrovsky and the State Hermitage Museum"
  • "Governance of Major Cultural Institutions: The Case of the Paris Opera"
  • "The Role of the Corporate Art Collection in Corporate Identity Management: The Case of the Paris Opera"
  • "The Influence of Embeddedness and Social Mechanisms on Organizational Performance in the Music Industry: The Case of Mescal Music"
  • "Effects of Country-Genre Congruence on the Evaluation of Movies: The Moderating Role of Critical Reviews and Moviegoers' Prior Knowledge"
  • "Bullying in Theatres and Arts Centres in the United Kingdom"

Vol. 9/3, 2007:

  • "A Quiet Revolution: The Metropolitan Opera Reinvents Client Relations Management"
  • "The Success of Finnish Conductors: Grand Narratives and Small Stories about Global Leadership"
  • "How Visual Artists Enter the Contemporary Art Market in France: A Dynamic Approach Based on a Network of Tests"
  • "Use of Baldrige Assessment Techniques in Strategic Planning and Assessment for Arts Administration in Higher Education"
  • "The Programming Strategies and Relationships of Theatres: An Analysis Based on the French Experience"
  • "Sounding Boards: Performing Arts Organizations and the Internet Forum"

Vol. 9/2, 2007:

  • "Karen Kain and the National Ballet of Canada"
  • "The Futurist Stance of Historical Societies: An Analysis of Position Statements"
  • "Volunteer Management in Arts Organizations: A Case Study and Managerial Implications"
  • "Letting Go of the Reins: Paradoxes and Puzzles in Leading an Artistic Enterprise"
  • "A Scale for Measuring Aesthetic Style in the Field of Luxury and Art Products"
  • "Why Occasional Theatregoers in France Do Not Become Subscribers"

Vol. 9/1, 2006:

  • "From Bankruptcy to Sustainability: Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Renewal in a Performing Arts Organization"
  • "Dual Leadership as a Problem-Solving Tool in Arts Organizations"
  • "The French Poetry Economy"
  • "An Experiential Approach to the Consumption Value of Arts and Culture: The Case of Museums and Monuments"
  • "Event Preferences among Arts Patrons: Implications for Market Segmentation and Arts Management"

Vol. 8/3, 2006:

  • "Born to Be Wise: The Steppenwolf Theatre Company Mixes Freedom with Management Savvy"
  • "Institutional Change in Italian Museums: Does the Museum Director Have a Role to Play?"
  • "Positioning the Supply of Live Performance: Innovative Managerial Practices Relating to the Interaction of Spectator, Performance and Venue"
  • "The Role of Media Critics in the Cultural Industries"
  • "Measuring Audience Addiction to the Arts: The Case of an Italian Theatre"
  • "Life after Dance: Career Transition of Professional Dancers"

Vol. 8/2, 2006:

  • "Martin Revheim, Blå and the Kongsberg Jazz Festival: Suksess Need Not Be Translated"
  • "Tourists' Knowledge of the UNESCO Designation of World Heritage Sites: The Case of Visitors to Quebec City"
  • "The Personality of Cultural Festivals: Scale Development and Applications"
  • "Take Me Out to the Opera: Are Sports and Arts Complements? Evidence from the Performing Arts Research Coalition Data"
  • "'Friends' Schemes in Arts Marketing: Developing Relationships in British Provincial Theatres"
  • "Classification of Popular Music Festivals: A Typology of Festivals and an Inquiry into Their Role in the Construction of Music Genres"

Vol. 8/1, 2005:

  • "The Importance of Accuracy in Attendance Reporting"
  • "Systemic Capacity Building in Cultural Administration"
  • "The Performing Arts Value Chain"
  • "Entertainment Pirates: Determinants of Piracy in the Software, Music and Movie Industries"
  • "Consumer Perception of Private Versus Public Sponsorship of the Arts"
  • "Structure of the Contemporary Art Market and the Profile of Italian Artists"

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