Texas Tech University

Fine Arts Graduates, Art Specializations From 2010-Present


  • Hsu, Yuan-Ta. “Memories and Identities: Hsiang Chou in the Photographic Work of Lang Jing-Shan and Chen Shun-Chu.” (Cortez) May
  • Kattan, Lina Mohammedali A. “The Conflicted Living Beings: The Performative Aspect of Female Bodies' Representations in Saudi Painting and Photography.” (Steele) August
  • Wheeler, Bryan Earl. “'Painting Section' or Painting Texas?: Negotiating Modernity and Identity in the Texas New Deal Post Office Murals.” (Orfila & Tate) August


  • Ballard, Katy Ann.Queens of the South Plains: Collection of Oral Histories of Drag Queens Living and Performing in Lubbock, TX.” (Check) May


  • Jeong, Eun K. Collaborative Public Art Making: The Tapestry Project.” (Chua) August
  • Smith, Edwin M. How the People Feel: Visual Art and Socio-Political Activity in Bermuda 1959-2009.” (Chua) August
  • Shirley, Adam Trey. “Branding Church: The Role of Corporate Branding Imagery in Mainline Denominations..” (Fehr) May


  • Polendo, Arthur Joseph. “Examining Working Class Chicano Identities in San Antonio and Chicago as Portrayed in The Banner Project by Juan Miguel Ramos, David Botello's Arte por Vida/Art for Life and The Children of Quetzalcaltl by Ricardo Santos Hernandez.” (Check)
  • Mackh, Bruce Martin. “The Documentary Aesthetic.” (Fehr)


  • Boyaki, Amanda. “Alma Buscher Siedhoff: An Examination of Children's Design and Gender at the Bauhaus During the Weimar Period.” (Check)
  • Chen, Yen-An. “The Intersections of Ethics and Spirituality in the Marketplace of the Art Industry: Female Artists' Transmutability and Competitiveness in Taiwan.” (Check and Fehr)
  • Conrad, Christian Kent. “It Makes Good Cents: A Personal Examination of Nomadic Studio Methodology.” (Erler and Fehr)

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