Texas Tech University

Fine Arts Graduates, Theatre Specializations From 2010-Present


  • Conway, Kyle Reynolds. “The Gap: Contemporary Playwriting Exercises.” (Gelber) May


  • Ellsworth, Shari Watterston. “Directing Lillian Hellman's ‘The Children's Hour' for Today's Society and Its Contemporary Relevance: A Professional Problem Dissertation.” (Bush) August
  • Lescher, Troy Matthew. “Greasepoint Pedagogy: Contemporary Clown Instruction in the United States.” (Marks) August
  • Petrucka, Page Kathryn. “Rewriting the Single Woman's Narrative in Two Original Scripts: A Professional Problem.” (Bert) December
  • Scott, Jeffrey S, Bandera, TX. “Improvisation in the Theatre: An Intersection between History, Practice, and Chaos Theory.” (Bush) May


  • Marla Britton-Johnson. The effect of Americanization on the dramatic representation of Nazi Aufseherinnen (female camp guards). (Chansky) December
  • Adamson, Charles David.“Defining the Jukebox Musical Through a Historical Approach: From The Beggar's Opera to Nice Work if You Can Get It.” (Gelber) May
  • Velez, Teddy A. Rodriguez. “Developing a Multi-cultural Theatre Undergraduate Program for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.”(Gelber) May


  • Morelli, Michael Karl. “Whether and How to Plan a Playwriting Festival.” (Chansky) December
  • Bodie, Nadia Chandra. “Cross-Cultural Casting: Case Studies on the Academic Stage.” (Bush) August
  • Valentine, Anthony G.Acting for the Camera Made Simple: A Pedagogical Methodology for Acting for the Camera Based on a Model of Interpersonal Communication.” (Bush) August
  • Wood, Steven Wayne. “Intersection of Theatre, Activism, and Born-Again Christianity: American Evangelical Theatre from 1974 to 2004.” (Chansky) May


  • Lelanuja, Orada. “Women and Buddhism in Playwriting: Two Theatre Scripts (A Professional Problem).” (Bert)
  • Blamy, David Jeffrey. “Carolina Actors Studio Theatre and the Experiential Approach to Production." (Gelber)
  • Donahue, Rodney Randall. “The Principles and Process of Writing the Prequel for the Stage.” (Bert)
  • Wampler, Katie Ann. “Devising Beauty: A Pedagogy for Devised Theatre.” (Gelber)


  • Angstadt, Ginger F.V. “Educational Outreach and Theatre Programs: How Selected High School, University and Regional Theatres in the Northeast Generate and Sustain Student Attendance at Theatre Performances.” (Bush)
  • Best, Mickey Dale. "Fine Arts Faculty Evaluation Process in Higher Education: Its Value as a Motivator of Teaching Improvement and Lessons for Administrators." (Williams)
  • Jones, Jana Heleben. “Onstage with God: Developing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Religious Drama Using College of the Ozarks as the Model.” (Gelber)
  • Justice, Debra Galloway. “Avoiding Founder's Syndrome in Arts Organizations: Studies in Successful Succession Transitions in Three Established Regional Theatres.” (Donahue)
  • Moore, Felix Gilroy. “A model for Technical Theatre Curricula at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: A Professional Problem.” (Donahue)
  • Wells, Jeffrey Alan. “Marketing Theatre to the Millennial Generation: A Marketing Initiative for Stage Works, A Professional Theatre in Tampa, Florida (A Professional Problem).” (Donahue)

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