Texas Tech University

The Economic Way of Thinking

A Seminar for High School Students

June 15-18, 2017 — Texas Tech University — Lubbock, TX

June 15  June 16  June 17  June 18

The Remnant Trust Reception

About the Program  About the Speakers

About the Program

The Economic Way of Thinking  is a seminar that engages high school aged students, who have an interest in learning about the principles of economics and their applications in the world.

The program features a series of lectures, discussions, and activities. Participants also have opportunities to learn more about the resources that are available to students, who enroll in undergraduate courses of study at Texas Tech University.

Foundations of Economic Analysis
Lecturers will discuss the implications of basic economic principles such as scarcity, choice and cost. Students participate in an activity that explores the basis of mutual gains from voluntary exchange. This part of the program also features presentations about the roles of property rights, the principles of supply and demand, and the role that entrepreneurship performs in promoting economic progress.

Applications of the Economic Way of Thinking
Lecturers will discuss the applications of economic principles in the context of broader questions about the role of public policy in shaping economic outcomes. Students will participate in an economic experiment that explores the effects of minimum wages on labor markets. Students will also discuss applications of the day's lectures after viewing the acclaimed documentary, Poverty, Inc.

Program Schedule

Please see the individual program pages linked above for more details about each day's activities.


Registration is open on a first come, first served basis to all students aged 16-18, who will be enrolled in a high school or home schooled during the 2017-2018 academic year.

There is no financial cost to register.

Registration includes all program materials, lectures, discussions, and activities. It also includes all meals during the program.

Students traveling from outside of the Lubbock area are eligible to receive a lodging accommodation in a student dormitory on campus at Texas Tech University. Space is limited and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Students traveling from outside of the Lubbock area are responsible for securing round-trip transportation to attend the seminar. The Free Market Institute will provide a complimentary shuttle service between the airport and the university.

All registered participants must submit a liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian, indicating permission to attend the program and agreeing to abide by all program policies and other applicable operating procedures.


Please contact the Free Market Institute by phone at 806.742.7138 or email at free.market@ttu.edu to address any questions about the program.

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