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Freedom and Human Flourishing: Poverty, Prosperity and Quality of Life around the World

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The theme for the fall 2021 program is Freedom and Human Flourishing: Poverty, Prosperity and Quality of Life around the World. Participants will discuss questions that examine the role of personal freedom, markets, and culture in promoting human flourishing.

More specifically, participants will engage in scholarly arguments regarding the measurement and comparative analysis of poverty and prosperity, perspectives on changes in quality of life worldwide, the role of markets and governments more generally in combating poverty, changes in global inequality over time, and the relationship between freedom and happiness. 

Participants will also attended a summit hosted at Southern Methodist University (SMU) with participants from the programs at SMU, Baylor University, University of Central Arkansas, and Angelo State University. The summit will feature formal remarks from James Otteson, John T. Ryan Jr. Professor of Business Ethics and Rex and Alice A. Martin Faculty Director of the Notre Dame/Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership at the University of Notre Dame. Participants will engage in interactive discussion groups on issues related to the program theme of the relationship between freedom and human flourishing.

The schedule of readings and topics of discussion will be shared with participants and posted on this page as that information becomes available.

All undergraduate students, who will have a full-time enrollment status at Texas Tech University or Angelo State University during the fall 2021 semester, are eligible and encouraged to apply at the link below: 

McLane Teammates Reading Program — Fall 2021 Application

The deadline to apply for the program is Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Please contact the Free Market Institute with any questions by email at free.market@ttu.edu or by phone at 806.742.7138.

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More general information about the program and application process can be found on the McLane Teammates Reading Program page.