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Economics, Evolution, and the Environment

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The McLane Teammates Reading Program will again operate concurrently at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Baylor University, the University of Central Arkansas, and Angelo State University during the spring 2021 semester. Each group will discuss the same set of readings.

The theme for the spring 2021 program is Economics, Evolution, and the Environment. Our relationship with the natural environment affects and is affected by every aspect of economic activity. Students will read and discuss works on this issue from a variety of perspectives from authors such as Matthew Ridley and William Nordhaus.

Discussions will address questions such as:

  • How are biological and social evolution related?
  • How can economics inform ecology, and vice versa?
  • What does our evolutionary history imply for social policy?
  • What is the best way to protect the natural environment?
  • How can we address the problem of climate change?

Program participants will explore these questions and more.

In February 2021, program participants will attend a summit meeting with participants from each participating school. The summit program will feature group discussions and formal remarks from Matthew Ridley, columnist for The Telegraph and The Times, and member of the Science and Technology select committee for the House of Lords in Great Britain.

The schedule of readings and topics of discussion for the spring 2021 program will be posted on this page as soon as that information becomes available. The spring 2021 program will be held online via Zoom Video Communications.

All undergraduate students, who have a full-time enrollment status at Texas Tech University or Angelo State University, are eligible and encouraged to apply. 

The Free Market Institute will be accepting applications at the following link, from November 2 - December 11, 2020, for an invitation to participate in the spring 2021 program.

McLane Teammates Reading Program - Spring 2021 Application

Please contact the Free Market Institute with any questions by email at free.market@ttu.edu or by phone at 806.742.7138.

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