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Rafael Acevedo, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Dr. Rafael Acevedo, Research Associate

Rafael Acevedo is a research associate for the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Acevedo earned a doctorate in management at the University of Yacambu and a Masters in Economics at the University of the Andes in Venezuela. He received his Bachelor of Public Accountancy at the University of Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado and an associate degree in administration of physical and financial resources at University Fermín Toro in Venezuela.

Dr. Acevedo is an aggregate professor and researcher at Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado in Venezuela, Founding Director of Econintech.org, and the Director of Policies for Movimiento Libertad Venezuela. 

Dr. Acevedo's research interests are in economic and monetary freedom, poverty, investment, Austrian economics, and applied econometrics. He has published numerous academic papers in various U.S. and international journals.

Acevedo, R., Faria, H., & Lorca-Susino, M. (Working Paper). Did Freer Latin American Countries Grow Faster? A Causal Effect Analysis from 2000 to 2017.

Acevedo, R., & Bogado, J. M. (Working Paper). Dou You Want a Wall, Promote Economic Freedom: An Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the USA Using a Gravity Model and Heteroscedasticity-Based Identification.

Acevedo, R., Faria, H., Montesinos, H., & Navarro, C. (Working Paper). The Quality of Democracy and Governments Fiscal Dependency.

Acevedo, R., Cirocco, L., & Lorca-Susino, M. (Working Paper). Desocialization of Taxes: A Taxation System Proposal for Venezuela.

Acevedo, R., Harmath, P., & Mora, J. U. (Working Paper). Potential GDP of Venezuela: A Time Series Analysis Using ARIMA and SARIMA Models.

Acevedo, R., Aponte, E., Harmath, P., & Mora, J. U. (Working Paper). The Coronavirus Impact on the Decision Making Process: An Application of the Two-Stage Decision Making Model for Colombia.

Acevedo, R. & Romero-Habeych, J. (Working Paper). Let Them Innovate: How Innovation Affects Economic Growth. An Empirical State-Level Analysis of USA.

Acevedo, R. & Mora, J. U. (Working Paper). The Fiscal Multiplier in Latin American Countries: Does the Institutional Environment Matter?

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