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Gilbert Berdine, M.D.

Faculty Affiliate and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

Dr. Gilbert Berdine, Faculty Affiliate

Gilbert Berdine is an associate professor of internal medicine at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)and a faculty affiliate with the Free Market Institute.

Dr. Berdine earned his B.S. degrees in chemistry and life sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and his M.D. degree from Harvard University School of Medicine in Boston. He completed residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmonary Diseases at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital (Now called Brigham and Women's Hospital) in Boston.

Dr. Berdine was a faculty member at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio from 1983-1989. He was in the private practice of medicine from 1989-2009 when he returned to academia as a faculty member of TTUHSC.

Dr. Berdine's current teaching activities include lecturer for the 1st year Major Organ Systems course, assistant block director for the 2nd year System Disorders 1 course, and attending physician for Internal Medicine floor service and Pulmonary Diseases consult service. Dr. Berdine sees clinic patients at Texas Tech Physicians Internal Medicine Clinic and supervises the respiratory care of ventilator and tracheostomy patients at several Long Term Acute Care facilities in Lubbock.

Dr. Berdine's research interests include the application of Austrian Economics to health care delivery and consumption. His current project involves the subjective theory of value and how this clashes with public policy on health care. Dr. Berdine has published articles on these topics in peer reviewed journals as well as participated in educational forums on the economics of health care.

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Email: gilbert.berdine@ttuhsc.edu
Phone: (806) 743-3155
Office: 4C174 School of Medicine

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