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Linan Peng, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Dr. Linan Peng, Post-doc Research Assoc.

Linan Peng is a post-doctoral research associate at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Peng earned his Ph.D. and B.A. in economics from George Mason University.

Dr. Peng's research interest focus on public choice, political economy, and institutional analysis. He is interested in topics related to the development of China and the economics of property rights.

Peng, L. (Working Paper). Legitimacy or Wealth: The Initiation of the Agricultural Collectivization in China.

Peng, L. (Working Paper). The Political Economy of the Anti-Chinese Movement in California in the 19th Century.

Peng, L. (Working Paper). The Last Guardian of the Throne: The Regional Army in the Late Qing Dynasty

Peng, L. (Working Paper). The Collective Action Problem of Collectivism: The Case of the Governance Structure of People's Communes.


Email: linan.peng@ttu.edu

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