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Robin Grier

Professor of Economics

Dr. Robin Grier, Professor of Economics

Robin Grier is a professor of economics with the Free Market Institute and a professor of agricultural and applied economics in the Gordon W. Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources at Texas Tech University.

Prof. Grier earned her Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University in 1995. She has taught at Tulane University and at the Center for Research and Teaching of Economics (CIDE) in Mexico City. Prof. Grier was a professor of economics at the University of Oklahoma from 1999 until 2017, when she joined Texas Tech University.

Prof. Grier has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journal such as The Journal of Law and Economics, Economic Development & Cultural Change, and The Journal of Development Economics.

She has also published a book titled The Long Process of Development: Building Markets and States in Pre-Industrial England, Spain and their Colonies (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Prof. Grier is fluent in Spanish and enjoys swimming, traveling, and playing with her two dogs, Paco and Diego.

For more information about Prof. Grier, please visit www.robinmgrier.com or her Social Science Research Network (SSRN) page: Robin M. Grier.


Email: robin.grier@ttu.edu
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