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Alexander Salter, Ph.D.

Comparative Economics Research Fellow and Georgie G. Snyder Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Alexander Salter, Comparative Economics Research Fellow

Alexander William Salter is Comparative Economics Research Fellow at the Free Market Institute and Georgie G. Snyder Associate Professor of Economics in the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Salter earned his B.A. in economics from Occidental College and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University.

Dr. Salter's research focuses on comparative political economy and institutional analysis. He is interested in monetary economics and macroeconomics, and especially the question of which monetary and macroeconomic institutions best promote economic stability. His research interests also include the economics of governance in the tradition of the Virginia School of political economy, investigating which governance rules effectively align the incentives of governors with the welfare of the governed. He has authored more than 70 scholarly publication and more than 100 articles for the general public. His first book, Money and the Rule of Law: Generality and Predictability in Monetary Institutions, will be published by Cambridge University Press in Spring 2021.

In addition to conducting scholarly research, Dr. Salter is a senior fellow with the American Institute for Economic Research's Sound Money Project, and serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Private Enterprise.

For more information about Dr. Salter, please visit www.awsalter.com or his Social Science Research Network (SSRN) page: Alexander William Salter.

Recent Publications

Cachanosky, N., Cutsinger, B. P., Hogan, T. L., Luther, W. J. & Salter, A. W. (2021). The Federal Reserve's Response to the COVID-19 Contraction: An Initial Appraisal. Southern Economic Journal, 87(4): 1152-1174.

Piano, E. E. & Salter, A. W. (2021). The Fundamental Coase of Development: Property Rights Foundations of the Effective State. Journal of Institutional Economics, 17(1): 37-52.

Salter A.W. (2021) Political Property Rights and Entangled Political Economy. In Hebert D.J., Thomas D.W. (Eds.) Studies in Public Choice: Emergence, Entanglement, and Political Economy (pp. 111-123). Springer Nature.

Salter, A. W. (2020). Constitutionalism, Liberalism, and Political Entrepreneurship. Philosophy, Politics, and Austrian Economics. Advances in Austrian Economics, 25: 173-189.

Salter, A. W. (2020). Malignant Monetary Monocentricity. Independent Review, 25(2): 249-265.

Callais, J. T. & Salter, A. W. (2020). Ideologies, Institutions, and Interests: Why Ideas Don't Compete on a Level Playing Field. Independent Review, 25(1): 63-78.

Geloso, V. J. & Salter, A. W. (2020). State Capacity and Economic Development: Causal Mechanism or Correlative Filter? Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 170: 372 - 385.

Working Papers

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