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The Free Market Institute (FMI) Research Workshop exposes graduate students, faculty, staff and other university colleagues to working research related to free market economics and other topics of interest. It is a "workshop" for work in progress that is not yet under consideration by scholarly journals. FMI faculty, research staff and graduate students, other Texas Tech University faculty members and visiting scholars deliver seminar presentations.

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    • September 7 — The Political Economy of Italian Unification: Insecurity of Property Rights and the Role of Land Reform — Rosolino Candela, Post Doctoral Research Associate, Political Theory Project, Brown University
    • September 14 — Committee Rotation — Daniel Smith, Associate Professor of Economics, Middle Tennessee State University
    • September 21 — Minimum Wage Increases and Individual Employment Trajectories — Jacob Vigdor, Daniel J. Evans Professor of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington
    • September 28 — Institutions Matter: Political Ideology, Race, and Health Disparities — Jane Ruseski, Associate Professor of Economics, West Virginia University
    • October 5 — Creativity in a Theory of Entrepreneurship — James Caton, Assistant Professor of Agribusiness and Applied Economics, North Dakota State University
    • October 19 — What is Still Wrong with the Austrian School of Economics? — Peter Boettke, University Professor of Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University
    • October 26 — The Gender Wage Gap: An Analysis of U.S. Congressional Staff Members — Peter Calcagno, Professor of Economics, College of Charleston
    • November 2 — The Development and Instability of Predatory Government: Conquest, Taxation, Avoidance Efforts, and Rent Seeking — Bruce Benson, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Florida State University
    • November 9 — Analyzing Sports Tourism Using Hotel Occupancy Data — E. Frank Stephenson, Henry Gund Professor of Economics, Berry College
    • November 9 — Using New Within-Industry Competition Measures to Examine the Impacts of Regulation — Todd Nesbit, Assistant Professor of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Economics, Ball State University
    • November 30 — The Impact of Economic Freedom on Gender Norms — Rosemarie Fike, Instructor of Economics, Texas Christian University

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