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The Free Market Institute (FMI) Research Workshop exposes graduate students, faculty, staff and other university colleagues to working research related to free market economics and other topics of interest. It is a "workshop" for work in progress that is not yet under consideration by scholarly journals. FMI faculty, research staff and graduate students, other Texas Tech University faculty members and visiting scholars deliver seminar presentations.

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      • January 19 — The Political/Ideological Orientation of Visiting Speakers on 200 American Campuses: Restoring Intellectual Competition — Richard Vedder, Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Economics, Ohio University
      • January 26 — The Federal Reserve in the Shadow of the Bank of Japan — Gerald O'Driscoll, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
      • February 2 — Modelling the Industrial Revolution as a Novel Economic Good, a Contribution Good — Terence Kealey, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Buckingham
      • February 16 — The New Deal and Agricultural Investment in Machinery and Work Animals: Cotton Farms During the Great Depression — Price Fishback, Thomas R. Brown Professor of Economics, University of Arizona
      • February 23 — Civil Asset Forfeiture, Crime, and Police Incentives: Evidence from the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 — Carl Kitchens, Assistant Professor of Economics, Florida State University
      • March 2 — Science vs. Humanities in Economics, a Humanistic and Quantitative Science — Deirdre McCloskey, Emerita Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago
      • March 23 — The Riksbank, Emergency Finance, Policy Experimentation, and Sweden's Reversal of Fortune — Joshua Hendrickson, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Mississippi
      • April 6 — Tax Incidence and Tax-Based Measures of Inequality in the United States, 1917-1941 — Phillip Magness, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Berry College
      • April 13 — Incapacitating Drug Users: Evidence from Prison Construction — Scott Cunningham, Associate Professor of Economics, Baylor University
      • April 20 — An Analytical Theory of Just Market Exchange — Michael Munger, Professor of Political Science, Duke University
      • April 27 — You Say You Want a (Rose) Revolution? The Effects of Georgia's 2004 Market Reforms — Robert Lawson, Jerome M. Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom, O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, Southern Methodist University
      • May 4 — Political Economy of Cultural Districts: The Diffusion of Cultural District Laws Across U.S. States — Amir Neto, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Economics, West Virginia University

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