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The Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University serves as the administrative headquarters for the Southern Economic Association (SEA) to support the duties and responsibilities of SEA Secretary/Treasurer and FMI Executive Director, Dr. Benjamin Powell

The Southern Economic Association is one of the oldest economics associations in the United States, dating back to a conference held in Atlanta in November 1928. The Southern Economic Journal began publication in 1933 and is the eighth oldest American scholarly journal in economics. From its founding, the purpose of the Southern Economic Association has been to further the education of scholars and the public in economic affairs. Toward this end, it seeks to stimulate interest in and disseminate results of recent research in theory and applied economics.

The membership of the Southern Economic Association includes a diverse set of scholars, with a great range in their substantive interests and in their methods of inquiry. The annual conference and the Journal welcome submissions from all fields of economic research and from economists around the world. Since its modest origins in the early 20th century, the Southern Economic Association has grown into a truly global professional organization today. Membership and participation in its annual conference regularly attracts thousands of economists from around the world to share their interests in economic scholarship.

Visit www.southerneconomic.org for more information or contact the office at sea@ttu.edu or (806) 742.7138.


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