Texas Tech University

Suggested Syllabus Statement

TTU Resources for Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence

Texas Tech University is committed to providing and strengthening an educational, working, and living environment where students, faculty, staff, and visitors are free from gender and/or sex discrimination of any kind. Sexual assault, discrimination, harassment, and other Title IX violations are not tolerated by the University.

Report any incidents to the Office for Student Rights & Resolution, (806)-742-SAFE (7233) or file a report online at titleix.ttu.edu/students.

Faculty and staff members at TTU are committed to connecting you to resources on campus. Some of these available resources are:

  • TTU Student Counseling Center
    Phone: 806-742-3674
    (Provides confidential support on campus.)
  • TTU 24-hour Crisis Helpline
    Phone: 806-742-5555
    (Assists students who are experiencing a mental health or interpersonal violence crisis.  If you call the helpline, you will speak with a mental health counselor.)
  • Voice of Hope Lubbock Rape Crisis Center
    Phone: 806-763-7273
    (24-hour hotline that provides support for survivors of sexual violence.)
  • The Risk, Intervention, Safety and Education (RISE) Office
    (Provides a range of resources and support options focused on prevention education and student wellness.)
  • Texas Tech Police Department
    Phone: 806-742-3931
    (To report criminal activity that occurs on or near Texas Tech campus.)

President's Gender Equity Council