Texas Tech University

Women's Leadership Initiative


The Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI), formerly the Women's Leadership Institute, was established in 2014 by the President's Gender Equity Council.  The broad vision of the WLI is to enhance the leadership potential and skill sets of undergraduate women leaders on campus, offer a forum for undergraduate women leaders to network, and to increase the visibility of women leaders on campus. Participation in the WLI and its activities is open to all TTU undergraduate students.

The Women's Leadership Initiative allows for undergraduate women leaders to discuss how leadership plays a role in their undergraduate careers and learn from fellow women student leaders about the struggles and triumphs of leadership. Members actively share their knowledge and skills with others on campus and within the Lubbock community. Members of the Women's Leadership Initiative learn how to promote equity in leadership and participate in networking events with outstanding student leaders and distinguished professionals who have paved the way for women in their fields of expertise. The WLI also strives to impress the foundation of inclusivity on all of its members, and empower them to share all knowledge learned through the activities of the initiative in an effort to spread the lessons of inclusivity, empowerment, and collaboration.



President's Gender Equity Council