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Women Full Professors Network


The Women Full Professors Network at TTU promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion and advocates for an environment that allows all community members to reach their full potential. Especially during this time of conflict, the Women Full Professors Network encourages the TTU community to promote and foster racial justice by being respectful and fair to all community members so that faculty, students, and staff may attain their full potential with dignity and without prejudice.

Purpose of the WFPN

To identify issues and seek solutions related to the advancement and success of women faculty of all ranks at Texas Tech University and to provide support and networking opportunities for women professors. 

WFPN Activities & Initiatives

  • Surveyed Women Full Professors in the Fall of 2017 and distributed the findings to the Office of the Provost; Dr. Sharp presented findings to Faculty Success Task Force that fall. 
  • Gained representation of the Women Full Professors on the Faculty Success Task Force.
  • To end Sexual Harassment in the Academy, e.g., in collaboration with the National Academies of Science, TTU hosted a satellite summit in November of 2019.
  • To increase representation of Women Full Professors on upper administrative search committees.
  • To increase the number of women professors in leadership positions across campus.  
  • To increase the visibility of women professors' contributions and accomplishments.
  • To re-implement and foster gender equity. 
  • To promote educational opportunities  to women professors to advance their success.
  • To promote relationship building by providing networking opportunities to women professors.

Co- Directors

Dr. Jaclyn Canas-Carell, College of Arts & Sciences 

Associate Dean Wendy-Adele Humphrey, School of Law 

Dr. Elizabeth Sharp, College of Human Sciences & UPSS

Executive Board

Dr. Cindy Akers, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Dr. Gerri Bottle, College of Engineering

Dr. Donell Callender, Library

Dr. Kelli Cargile Cook, College of Media and Communication

Dr. Lisa Garner Santa, College of Visual & Performing Arts

Dr. Laura Heinz, Library

Dr. Stephanie Jones, College of Education

Dr. Carol Korzeniewski, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Debbi Laverie, Rawls College of Business

Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa, College of Human Sciences

Dr. Mary Murimi, College of Human Sciences

Current Committees 

Equity Committee

Leadership Committee

Visibility Committee

Child Care Committee

Sexual Harassment Committee 

Brief History of the WFPN

The TTU Women Full Professors Network was formed in the Fall of 2017 by Elizabeth Sharp (Past Interim VP, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and past Chair of the President's Gender Equity Council), Wendy-Adele Humphrey (Past Chair of the President's Gender Equity Council), and Charlotte Dunham (Past Director of the Women's & Gender Studies Program and founding member of the President's Gender Equity Council).

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For more information about the Women Full Professors Network, please contact Elizabeth Sharp at elizabeth.sharp@ttu.edu or Wendy-Adele Humphrey at wendy.humphrey@ttu.edu


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