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Women Faculty Writing Program

The Women Faculty Writing Program, sponsored by The President's Gender Equity Council, Women's and Gender Studies Department, and the University Writing Center, is designed to better address the needs of women faculty as they write for publication and, by extension, for promotion and tenure. The Women Faculty Writing Program is open to all TTU faculty members.

Core Principles

The groups are founded upon two basic principles: 1) daily writing produces better quality work while also minimizing stress; and 2) group accountability helps reinforce motivation. These strategies can be especially difficult to implement without some external structure and support. In order to help you integrate these skills into your writing practice, we provide weekly writing-based workshops that focus on the special needs of academic women writers.

Structure of the Groups

Each writing group runs for three hours weekly, divided as follows:

Group discussion (first 30 mins): This will be facilitated by a faculty facilitator and/or a University Writing Center staffer who will discuss writing and motivational strategies and allow each member of the group to share their progress since the last meeting and set goals for structured writing time.

Structured writing time (remaining 2+ hours): All members of the group will spend the remaining two hours of the session working on their individual projects. While this time will be focused on individual work, the facilitator(s) and/or other members of the writing group will be nearby to answer any questions and offer support.

Participants and Group Facilitators 

Participants commit to regular attendance for the semester, keep a record of their goals and progress, and provide facilitators with ongoing feedback about the program. Group Facilitators lead a short discussion/workshop at the beginning of each session, facilitate group discussion of goals, strategies, and long-term writing plans, and help participants to remain on-task (and away from e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, or other distractions).

Contact Information

Elizabeth Sharp: Elizabeth.sharp@ttu.edu

Caroline Bishop: Caroline.bishop@ttu.edu

Kristin Messuri: Kristin.messuri@ttu.edu


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