Texas Tech University

Geography Faculty


Lucia Barbato, Instructor and Senior Research Associate, Center for Geospatial Technology

Applied geospatial technology, geodatabase administration, water resources management.


Perry Carter, Associate Professor

Social, urban and economic geography, issues of racial identity, geographic methods.


Gary Elbow, Professor Emeritus

Human geography, world regional geography, Latin America, international trade, geographic education.


Jen Henderson, Assistant Professor

Environmental hazards and disasters; issues of vulnerability and resilience; policy relevant science; risk perception and decision making; and research methods.


Linda Jones, Instructor

Physical geography, world regional geography, geographic education, human geography, art in west Texas.


Jeffrey Lee, Professor and Graduate Advisor

Physical geography, geomorphology, aeolian processes, arid lands, field methods, science education.


Kevin Mulligan, Emeritus

Geographic information systems; geomorphology, hydrology and climate of arid lands, aeolian processes and landforms.


Patricia Solis, Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Resilience, climate change, sustainable development, Latin America,
geographic technologies, open mapping, community engagement.


Xiaopeng Song, Assistant Professor 

Remote Sensing 


 Zhen Song

Zhen Song, Research Assistant Professor 

Data Science


Tony Wang

Xuantong Wang, Assistant Professor

Geographic Information Sciences