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Paul W Paré

Center for Global Communication

Paul Paré, Director

Paul Paré has been with Texas Tech University since 2000 with an ongoing faculty appointment in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.  In 2016, he accepted a Director position at the newly launched Center for Global Communication (CGC).  Initially he was closely involved in the development of teaching modules that expose undergraduates early on in their academic program to global challenges such as limited resources, population demographics, international governance and information integrity.  These instructional units have been incorporated into undergraduate courses such as RaiderReady (IS 1100), Intro. to Human Sciences (HUSC 1100), Intro. to Teaching (EDTP 1100), Intro. to Marketing (MKT 3350) and Political Science (POL 2306). He also oversees the selection and administration of CGC-sponsored projects that couple awareness of global issues with hands-on communication training; student learning outcomes are based on a CGC global communication rubric that covers communication skills, content knowledge and cultural/intercultural awareness. Additionally, Dr. Paré coordinates program development with the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center (TLPDC), the Writing Center, Honors College and Student Affairs to bring in guest-speakers for multicultural instructional training and student engagement such as psychologist, administrator, and educator Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Siv and writer, speaker and social justice advocate, Julissa Arce. To support study-abroad programming at home and abroad, a two-pronged approach has been designed. For domestic students participating in international learning, in partnership with the Office of International Affairs, the Seville Center , CMLL and the College of Engineering, a study-abroad assessment tool has been developed that couples cultural, motivational and language queries with practical recommendations to prepare and measure students' preparedness to engage while outside their main-campus environment. For international students on the TTU Costa Rican Campus, a Global Techsan program has been piloted in collaboration with the Honors College in which students are paired by discipline with students on the main campus to exchange culturally diverse experiences.

Professor Paré has presented components of these administrative projects with TTU collaborators at national and international conferences and currently has a study-abroad manuscript in preparation.

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