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Artwork for Afghanistan: Choosing to Lose & Moral Obligations

Diplomacy & Defense: behind the scenes conversations between U.S. military leaders and U.S. Ambassadors on their joint work across the globe to advance U.S. national security. Issues covered include war zones, humanitarian disasters, building and maintaining alliances and new challenges in cyber and disinformation. Please contact Paul Paré for more information about inviting individual podcast diplomats to visit TTU and classes.

Podcasts by Region


Image of ship breaking through the ice in the Arctic

Power and Presence: U.S. and the Arctic (3/25/21) Former Ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite and former Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa, Jamie Foggo discuss U.S. power and presence in the Arctic in the era of great power competition and the close U.S. relationship with Norway.



Little girl receiving box in Japan

Japan's Triple Disaster: Helping an Ally in Need (3/24/19)In 2011 Japan was hit by an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear disaster. Admiral Robert Willard and Ambassador John Roos talk about the devastation, nuclear radiation and coordinating the massive U.S. disaster assistance.


General Abrams and Ambassador Harris

The Republic of Korea: US Dip-Mil engagement during the Trump Administration (2/19/22) General Abrams and Ambassador Harris discuss their partnership, the treaty alliance with the ROK, the shift under the Trump Administration to a top down approach to foreign policy and to a transactional relationships with allies, US summitry efforts with North Korea, managing ROK initiatives, the storming of the Ambassador's residence, the threat of the PRC and the value of the Quad and AUKUS.


Men in Vietnam watering a tree

Vietnam & the US: Legacy and Partnership (8/30 21) Admiral Swift and Ambassador Osius discuss; 1) how legacy issues (cleaning up after Agent Orange, finding POW/MIA) have slowly laid the basis of trust; 2) how key visits and US gestures have led to breakthroughs; 3) the role of US veterans and of Vietnamese refugees in building ties; 4) managing sensitive issues (human rights and the long history between China and Vietnam).



Two Finnish pilots

Finland and the US: Friends and Allies (1 2/6/19) Former Finnish Chief of Defense General Jarmo Lindberg and Ambassador Bruce Oreck talk about the deep US-Finnish defense relationship, Finland's key role vis a vis Russia, Nordic security and receiving the Legion of Merit from General Dunford.

Middle East


Line of people waiting to board a cargo airplane

Afghanistan: Choosing to Lose & Moral Obligations (3/26/22) Former ISAF Commander British General David Richards and former US Ambassador Ronald Neumann critically review ever-shifting US and Western goals and objectives in Afghanistan, the weakness of the US-led DOHA peace agreement and the effects of the chaotic withdrawal. In their view, the US and its allies CHOSE to lose and have obligations towards those who were left behind. They offer perspectives on next steps.


American Flag and Israeli flag

U.S. and Israel: From the Road Map to Today (2/23/21) General Selva and Ambassador Moreno talk about their roles as the Monitors of the Road Map to Peace under President Bush, the subsequent policies of the Obama and Trump Administrations, engaging Israel on Iran, the implications of not pursuing a two state solution, and the “bang for the buck” of US foreign assistance to Israel.

North America


United States

Two men and one woman sitting with microphones

The National Security Toolbox Part I: 9/11 to Today (2/28/20) Has there been a “militarization” of U.S. Foreign Policy since 9/11? General Lute and Ambassador Grossman talk about the aftermath of 9/11 & the war in Afghanistan- how the counterterrorism mission moved to a military/diplomatic campaign, negotiating with the Taliban while continuing the counterinsurgency effort, and... flying to dinner in Pakistan.


People waiting near a bus

Managing Adversity: Serving in Russia (12/5/21) Former US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and former US Defense Attaché Admiral David Manero describe the effects of the large expulsion of US diplomats from Russia during a period of heightened tensions, their ground game to advance US interests in a hostile environment, Russia's toolbox and offensive tactics and US actions to counter them.

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