Texas Tech University

Events/Guest Speakers

Ute Lemper

Ute Lemper German singer and compiler of songs written by Jewish composers in the concentration camps and ghettos between 1942 and 1944 in Germany and Eastern Europe; participation ca. 200 students and community members. Performance of Songs of Eternity: January 26, 2019.

Julissa Arce

Julissa Arce a writer, speaker and social justice advocate. She is the cofounder and chairman of the Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program that assists immigrant students, regardless of their immigration status, ethnicity, or national origin; participation ca. 250 students and faculty. TTU training session and community seminar: February 5, 2019.

Ambassador Siv

Ambassador Siv, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2001 to 2006) and served at The White House as deputy assistant to President George H. W. Bush. A personal journey from surviving the Killing Fields of Cambodia to growing into a diplomat and global citizen of the United States; participation ca. 100 students. TTU training session and community seminar: February 7, 2019.

Professor Neville Lewis Jr.

Political Scientist, Yale University presenting on Communicating Across Social Divides; participation ca. 300 students. Student seminar and discussion: April 4, 2019.

Global Challenges and Careers in Interpretation and Translation

The Global Challenges and Careers in Interpretation and Translation panel will describe a variety of career paths in interpretation and translation for individuals who hold a degree in languages and cultures and discussed ways in such careers can be positioned to address global challenges related to information, technology, populations, resources, and governance. Panelists include: Jaime Fatás Cabeza, (Director of Undergraduate Degree Program in Healthcare and Legal Translation and Interpretation University of Arizona); Winnie Yung-Chung Heh, Career Advisor for the Translation, Interpretation Localization Management programs at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey); Audrey Sendejo (Program Coordinator of ASL Texas Tech University). October 1, 2019.

Sowell Conference

Sowell Conference is an opportunity to interact with major writers of environment and community including Barry Lopez and Stephen Graham Jones. Come hear about environmental issues through the lens of literature. Sessions will include topics such as: Who stole the planet?: Colonization, Capital, and Enslavement; The nature of travel through poems; and Investigating wild: Internal landscapes and their inhabitants. October 10-12, 2019.

Narratives of Modern Genocide

A special preview of the nonfiction film and exhibit, Narratives of Modern Genocide, with a wine reception hosted by the Office of the President. October 28, 2019.

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum a psychologist, administrator, and educator who has conducted research and written books on the topic of racism focusing specifically on race in education, racial identity development in teenagers and assimilation of black families and youth in white neighborhoods. As the President of Spelman College (2002-2015) she was innovative with her visionary leadership recognized in 2013 by the Carnegie Academic Leadership Award. TTU training session and community seminar: November 4-5, 2019.

Laura Schuster

Laura Schuster, a Texas Tech alumni with a degree in German and a certificate in Business, serves as a advisor for Alleare Consulting LLC and Hilton under their localization analyst program. The presentation will cover options for students of languages and culture who are interested in careers in the private sector. November 6, 2019.

Jim Hand

Jim Hand, a retired energy executive, demonstrates a transparent, freely-available policy simulation model that provides policymakers, educators, businesses, the media, and the public with the ability to explore, for themselves, the likely consequences of energy, economic growth, land use, and other policies and uncertainties, with the goal of improving their understanding. The EN-ROADS climate policy simulator, developed by Climate Interactive, Ventana Systems, and MIT Sloan, runs on an ordinary laptop in a fraction of a second, is available online, offers an intuitive interface, has been carefully grounded in the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate and energy models. February 26, 2020.


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