Texas Tech University

What is a QEP?

According to SACSCOC guidelines, a QEP should:

  1. Contribute to the improvement of student learning or to the environment for student learning;
  2. Emerge from an institutional process that identifies key issues emerging from institutional assessment;
  3. Be based on demonstrated need or opportunity to improve student learning that can be supported by data;
  4. Be linked to the university strategic plan and/or mission;
  5. Be focused and assessable;
  6. Not be narrowly targeted toward a small or isolated subset of the Texas Tech University student body, and
  7. Have the support of students, faculty, and other stakeholder groups that may be involved in its implementation.

Didn't Tech just do a QEP?

Yes, Texas Tech's first QEP was from 2005-2010. This first QEP, titled, "Do the Right Thing: A Campus Conversation on Ethics" focused on increasing campus learning and commitment to ethical behavior and issues.

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