Texas Tech University

Topic Selection Committee

What is the 2015-2020 QEP?

The QEP Topic Selection Committee is charged to select a topic or topics for the university's Quality Enhancement Plan for the 2015 Reaffirmation of Accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Committee's recommendations will go to the QEP Reaffirmation Committee which will be responsible for preparing a plan for implementation. The recommendation may include more than one possible topic or only one. However, it is important that any recommended QEP topics be accompanied by documentation to support their importance for the institution, their potential impact, relationship to the institution's mission and/or strategic plan and probable support from stakeholder groups (especially, but not limited to students and faculty).

The committee should be prepared to present its topic(s) no later than the end of November 2013.

Broad QEP Theme & Next Steps

The QEP Topic Selection Committee has recommended a theme for the 2015-2020 Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP project will address an aspect of Communication in a Global Society. Texas Tech is now assembling the committee that will work on preparing the proposal to be submitted to SACSCOC. The committee will including people who have been working in various areas of global communication.


QEP Topic Selection Committee Membership

  • Jennifer Bard, Teaching Academy (Chair)
  • Kathryn Button, College of Education
  • Scott Burris, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
  • Dominick Casadonte, Graduate School
  • Brian Quinn, Libraries
  • Ron Hedden, College of Engineering
  • Angela Mariani-Smith, College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Mitzi Lauderdale, College of Human Sciences
  • Wendy Humphry, School of Law
  • Todd Chambers, College of Media and Communication
  • Stefanie Borst, College of Arts and Sciences
  • OPEN, College of Architecture
  • Jason Rinaldo, College of Business Administration
  • Marjean Purinton, Honors College
  • Peyton Craig, Student Government Association
  • Mary Frances Agnello, Faculty Senate
  • Amy Huff, Staff Senate
  • Felicia Martin, Athletics
  • Jay Killough, Student Affairs
  • Erin Justyna, Undergraduate Education
  • Gary Elbow, Office of the Provost (ex-officio)
  • Catherine Parsoneault, Office of the Provost (ex-officio)
  • Jennifer Hughes, Office of Planning and Assessment (ex-officio)
  • Justin Louder, TTU Ethics Center (ex-officio)

Center for Global Communication