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What is the Statistical Consulting Service and what services do we offer?

The mission of the Statistical Consulting Service is to help Texas Tech graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with all aspects of statistical data analysis. While we will not decide how to analyze your data or conduct statistical analyses for you, we can help you select the optimal analytic strategy and locate resources to carry it out. We can help you avoid analysis road-blocks by offering suggestions on how to collect, input, and manage your data. If you have already encountered a road-block we can help you learn what you need to know to get past it.

How to Prepare

For initial consultations, be prepared to describe in detail your research questions and objectives and the characteristics of your current or expected data set. If you are in the process of analyzing your data, you are encouraged to email or bring an electronic copy of your data.

Whom We Can Help

Consulting services are limited to current graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Eligible projects include master theses, doctoral dissertations, research posters, conference presentations, and articles for publication.

Our role is to assist, rather than to conduct analyses for you. We prefer to meet with researchers near the beginning of their projects but are available for discussion at all stages of research.

Types of help we CAN provide:

  • Selection of appropriate statistical procedures
  • Testing assumptions of statistical tests
  • Power and sample-size calculations
  • Data management (data manipulation, formatting, coding)
  • Data analysis and model selection
  • Interpretation and reporting results
  • Transformation and import of data into desired statistical software packages

Types of help we CANNOT provide:

  • Course assignments, course projects, exams
  • Tutoring services for a course
  • Projects involving non-disclosure agreements, classified information, related to or likely to be involved in litigation, related to current partisan political campaigns or commercial projects. For such projects we recommend services of fee-based Texas Tech Statistical Consulting Laboratory.
  • Projects involving third party payment, when you are being paid by an entity to perform an analysis. For such projects we recommend services of fee-based Texas Tech Statistical Consulting Laboratory.
  • Software installation and licensing. If you need assistance with software installation please contact IT Help Central at 806-742-HELP or by email at ithelpcentral@ttu.edu
  • Requiring more than one hour of consulting per week. In such case we can refer you to a private consultant that may be able to provide assistance.

Please note:

Consultations are limited to one hour per week per client. We reserve the right to limit the amount of time dedicated to a single client. If your needs are outside the scope of our service, we will likely refer you to an outside consultant.

The Statistical Consulting Service is not a tutoring center for assistance with students' statistics coursework.

Schedule your free consultation today at http://ttu.mobi/stats

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Nick Hensley, M.S.

Statistical Consultant


Nick holds a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Texas Tech University. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas.


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