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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted normal routines, and I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. The university has made a number of unprecedented steps, and I know many of these measures have caused personal concern about maintaining shelter and food security as well as about shifts that may need to occur with your academic plans. Below are the changes made in response to the crisis and assistance and accommodations that have been put in place to help you during this time of transition.

Spring Semester
COVID-19 Announcements

Guidance for preliminary/qualifying/comprehensive exams and thesis/dissertation defenses Spring 2021:

The delivery format (i.e., face to face, remote) of all preliminary/qualifying/comprehensive exams and defenses will be left to the discretion of programs/departments and committees; appropriate safety precautions must be observed for face-to-face interactions, and accommodations (e.g., remote access) must be made for all parties (students and faculty) to participate as they feel safe doing so. All committee members, including the graduate dean's representative, must participate in defenses in real time. Lastly, public presentations of thesis/dissertation research must continue to be offered by remote means (e.g., zoom, etc.).

Flu Vaccinations & COVID-19 Testing

Emergency assistance

Loaner computers, etc.

  •  A limited number of loaner laptops, cellular hotspots, webcams, and headsets available are available by emailing verify.ithelpcentral@ttu.edu (provide phone #, R#, and equipment needed).

Graduate student employees and postdoctoral scholars

  • All graduate student employees (GPTIs/TAs/RAs/GAs/SAs) and postdoctoral/other Ph.D. non-faculty researchers are expected to continuing working remotely until advised
  • GPTIs/TAs for Summer I/Long Summer should be working with their supervisors and home departments to help deliver instruction by remote means.
  • GAs/graduate students employed as SAs/RAs/postdoctorals/non-faculty Ph.D. researchers should work with their supervisors about how to carry out assigned duties
  • See below for resumption of research activity and return to work

Research and scholarly activity

  • Graduate students and postdocs should be in regular contact with their major professors/research supervisors about tasks that can be accomplished while working from home (e.g., library research, data analysis, manuscript preparation).
  • Many online resources are available regarding data management and other research-related training as well as professional and career development activities are available. Please refer to the Graduate School's professional and career development.
  • A phase-in plan for the resumption of research and scholarly activity for graduate students and postdocs is underway; for details and an application to resume research activity on campus, see http://www.depts.ttu.edu/research/covid-guidelines.php
  • Graduate students/postdocs working with human subjects should review their projects in consultation with their advisors and make adjustments as needed to avoid delay in project completion. For guidance and to determine if amendment of IRB protocol is required, see https://www.depts.ttu.edu/research/irb/

All services for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars will be available by remote access, including the following:

Extension to maximum time to degree

  • I am relaxing the maximum allowable time to complete master's and doctoral degrees for up to one year for students affected by COVID-19.
  • Students may elect this extension during the semester of their normal tenure limit, if necessary. For more information, contact the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services at enrollment.services.gradschool@ttu.edu

Questions about graduate student or postdoctoral issues may be directed to gradschool@ttu.edu

The university is monitoring the situation closely in consultation with public health officials. For the latest updates and communications, please regularly check the Texas Tech University coronavirus (COVID-19) website.