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GSWC Workshops

Summer 2018

*The Graduate Student Writing Center hosts a series of workshops addressing a variety of writing-related topics. All workshops are held in the Graduate Center (Administration Building 41) and are available online via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

All workshops will be held in the Graduate Center from 12:00 to 1:00 unless indicated otherwise. Students may participate onsite or online via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Attendance fulfills part of the requirement for receiving Graduate School fellowship or travel funding. Lunch will be provided by the Graduate School.

*To register for an upcoming workshop, please click the "register" button underneath that workshop's description. If you have already registered and want to check your registration status, please go to "View My Registrations Page"

Developing Productive Writing Practices

Friday, June 8

Many writers struggle with writing productively, especially when they first try to produce long, complex pieces of academic writing. This workshop provides strategies for setting goals, managing time, and overcoming common setbacks.

Debunking Writing Myths

Thursday, June 21

“Writing is a straightforward technical skill.” “Academic writers should write long sentences with complex language.” “Never use the passive voice.” Many writers are given writing advice that is based on myth rather than fact. While some of these myths are harmless, others can reduce writing productivity as well as the quality of the written text. This workshop will address common writing myths and provide strategies for writing clear, effective academic prose.

Personal Statements

Thursday, July 12

Personal statements are commonly required for applications for graduate programs, fellowships, grants, and other opportunities. Participants will develop techniques to tailor personal statements to specific audiences and to emphasize their unique qualifications.

Revision Strategies for Academic Publication

Friday, July 27

Although graduate students are often expected to produce academic publications, many are unfamiliar with the processes of preparing, submitting, and revising manuscripts for academic publication. This workshop provides strategies for approaching each stage of the academic publication process.

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