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Leadership & Staff

Office of the Vice Provost

Mark A. Sheridan, Ph.D. 
Vice Provost for Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs & Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Mark Sheridan joined Texas Tech University as Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School on March 15, 2014. In this role he provides overall leadership to the Graduate School, supervises interdisciplinary graduate programs, and coordinates graduate and postdoctoral education with the research and other academic activities of TTU. Read more...

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Dr. Mark A. Sheridan


Kim Cappillino
Senior Director | Admissions, Marketing & Recruitment

T 806.834.3374 | kim.cappillino@ttu.edu

Donna Rogers
Unit Manager | Fellowships & Scholarships | Alumni & Donor Relations

T 806.834.4079 | donna.rogers@ttu.edu

Darina Brackeen
Business Manager

T 806.834.3602 | darina.brackeen@ttu.edu

Melissa Carrillo
Executive Associate to the Vice Provost - Dean

T 806.834.2009 | melissa.carrillo@ttu.edu

Jade Foerster
Director of Technology & Interim Director of Admissions

T 806.834.5332 | jade.foerster@ttu.edu

Wendee Langdon, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Development

T 806.834.5461 | wendee.langdon@ttu.edu

Graduate School

Kristi Gaines, Ph.D.
Associate Dean

Dr. Gaines is the Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Professor in the Department of Design at Texas Tech University. She received her Ph.D. in Environmental Design with collaterals in Architecture and Education and has a combined 20 years of professional interior design and teaching experience. She has served in several national and regional leadership positions for professional organizations including the Interior Design Educator's Council and the International Interior Design Association. She also is responsible for coordinating Professional and Career development programs for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Dr. Gaines is the recipient of several teaching, research and service awards and is a graduate of the inaugural class of the President's Leadership Institute at Texas Tech.

T 806.834.4699 | kristi.gaines@ttu.edu

Dr. Kristi Gaines

David Doerfert, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean

Dr. Doerfert has been at Texas Tech since 2002 and became Associate Dean of the Graduate School in 2016. Dr. Doerfert has been nationally recognized for his teaching, research and service being awarded the Distinguished Agricultural Communications Educator Award (2016) by the American Association for Agricultural Education who also inducted him as a Fellow in 2012. At Texas Tech University, Dr. Doerfert is a member of the Teaching Academy and received the President's Excellence in Teaching award as well as Distinguished Teaching, Advising, and Service and Outreach awards from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

T 806.834.4477 | david.doerfert@ttu.edu

 Dr. David Doerfert

Tim Dallas, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean

Dr. Dallas is an Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas Tech University. As an Associate Dean, he oversees internal and external graduate fellowship programs. Dr. Dallas' research includes developing MEMS-based education and research tools. In 2008, he established Class on a Chip, Inc. to commercialize an array of micro-experimental devices for use in engineering, physics, and MEMS classes. In 2014, he established a new class in the Whitacre College of Engineering, Technology Start-up Lab, which takes students through a process to develop their own technology projects for commercialization. The Tech Start-up Class partners with a class in business to form student development teams that jointly work on innovative product ideas.

T 806.834.6856 |tim.dallas@ttu.edu

Dr. Tim Dallas 

Cari Carter
Scholarship & Fellowship Administrator

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Michelle Acevedo

T 806.834.5818 | m.acevedo@ttu.edu

Kristin Messuri, Ph.D.
Associate Director | Graduate Writing Center

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Mari Baeza, M.S.
Assistant Director | Graduate Center

T 806.834.4591 | maryellen.baeza@ttu.edu

Graduate Admissions

Evelyn Arnold
Unit Manager
Domestic Admissions
Residency Determination Official

T 806.834.3695

Rebecca Enis
Unit Manager
International Admissions
Designated School Official

T 806.834.3893

Kelsey Brunson
Lead Evaluator
Domestic Admissions

T 806.834.4368

Rosa Rodriguez
Lead Evaluator
International Admissions

T 806.834.8330

Rachel May 
Senior Evaluator
Domestic Admissions

T 806.834.7411

Madeleine Frossard
Senior Evaluator
International Admissions

T 806.834.6445

Casey Jones
Domestic Admissions

T 806.834.3344

Liz McKinney
International Admissions

T 806.834.1641

Cy Cawthron
Graduate Admissions Coordinator

T 806.834.1069


Marketing & Recruitment

Tommy Curtis Smith
Marketing Coordinator

T 806.834.5339

Abby Hill
Graduate School Recruiter

T 806.834.4643

Enrollment Services

Vanessa Bara Morin 
Director of Enrollment Services

T 806.834.3423

Katie Chapman
Unit Manager

T 806.834.2448

April Camacho
Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.0623

Alyssa Reichert
Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.2714

Tisha Torrez
Senior Evaluator

T 806.834.2142


Information Technology

Kristopher J. Ritchel
Programmer III

T 806.834.6293

Tim Sanchez
Programmer III

 T 806.834.3429

Thesis & Dissertation

Allison Belisle
Unit Manager

T 806.834.5163

Erika Nuñez
Senior Editor

T 806.834.6946

Program Analysis & Review

 Claudia Simon
Academic Advisor
Interdisciplinary Studies

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