Texas Tech University

Thesis Dissertation Completion Requirements

Completion Requirements


Dissertation Supervisor: Becky Davidson (becky.davidson@ttu.edu) 806.834.3719

Check all Deadlines for the semester in which you are graduating

Signature Form

  • Students must obtain signatures from all committee members on the Oral Defense and Thesis-Dissertation Approval Form.
  • Final Exam Defense Notification
  • Doctoral Students submit a Defense Notification Form. (See notification calendar for submission deadlines.)
  • Masters Students (thesis option) send an email to Thesis Coordinator indicating date and time of defense.

Thesis Dissertation Processing Fee (paid only once)

  • Pay the processing fee through Student Business Services

$50.00 Basic Thesis-Dissertation Fee

NOTE: Thesis-Dissertation Fees do NOT cover any personal or departmental, bound copies

Bound Paper Copies

  • The Graduate School and TTU library no longer provide binding through their commercial binding service. Students who need to make bound copies for their committees and/or departments or would like to have bound personal copies, must find a binding service through a third party. If you would like to use the retail version of the commercial binding previously offered by the library, you can go to Thesis-On-Demand and order binding from them directly.
  • The Graduate Council requires students to purchase a personal copy for their chairperson; check with your department for paper copy requirements. If the chair does not want a paper copy, you must submit the Chair Copy Waiver Form.

Final Review Draft of Theses/Dissertations and Supporting Documentation

  • Format your document following the guidelines specified on the Graduate School website
  • Submit a committee-approved electronic copy (PDF file) of the final draft of your thesis or dissertation to the ETD website within two weeks after your defense date or no later than the posted deadline
  • Revise your draft according to the review comments made by the coordinator or supervisor
  • Submit the signed Thesis-Dissertation Approval Form to the thesis coordinator or dissertation supervisor
  • MMA/DMA students submit program PDFs on ETD and performance CDs to the Graduate School. More info . . .

Final Copy of the Thesis or Dissertation

  • Submit the final, revised copy in PDF format to the ETD website
  • Submit the signed Chair Copy Waiver Form if your department does not require a bound copy.

NOTE:You are NOT required to submit paper copies to the Graduate School or the University Library.