Texas Tech University

ETD Submission: Interdisciplinary Studies Portfolios


Instructions for Submitting a Portfolio paper

Prepare PDF Copy of Portfolio paper

Interdisciplinary Studies Portfolio papers should be submitted as a single, PDF file (students may use Adobe Acrobat either through a 30-day trial version from Adobe or by using lab computers in the ATLC). The files should be titled as follows:

  • Lastname_Firstname_INDSProject.pdf

Create an ETD account

  1. Follow the instructions for creating an ETD login.
  2. When creating an account, fill in the required fields as follows:
    • Title: Portfolio Title
    • Type of Document: Project
    • Keywords: Appropriate keywords describing your portfolio's content
    • Abstract: A 1-2 paragraph abstract summarizing the project paper
    • Your Committee: Names of members of your advisory committee
    • Release Options:Leave box unchecked (no Embargo), or
      • TTU-only Hold = available only with eraider access
      • 5-year Hold = 5 years
      • Other Hold = Indefinite (all documents under Journal or Patent embargoes will be released once the hold period expires unless the student contacts the graduate school about an extension)
  3. Upload PDF


Allison Belisle
Dissertation Supervisor
allison.belisle@ttu.edu | T 806.834.5163

Fallon Chiasson
Thesis Senior Editor
fallon.t.chiasson@ttu.edu | T 806.834.6946