Texas Tech University

2019 Arts and Humanities Research Conference Results


We at the Graduate School wish to give our most heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the 9th Annual Arts and Humanities Graduate School Research Paper Conference. At Texas Tech University, we strive to create an environment interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. This year's conference had a record number of participants at 64 and hosted 13 panels ranging from Contemporary Media Analysis to Visual and Performing Arts with 4 One-Act Plays. Panels were crafted to achieve the most diverse, yet coherent, presentations possible. Disciplines that almost never intertwine were connected and related, bringing in new perspectives on current research topics. With at least three judges per panel and three students per panel, we had a great turn-out. We were humbled by those who helped make this conference a success and wish to give our gratitude in making this year's event a continuing tradition of excellence.

Conference Results

Panel Awardees

Contemporary Media Analysis

  • First Place: Daisy Milman, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures 
    Framing Mental Illness in the Animated Series Avatar the Last Airbender

Design Considerations

  • First Place: Iman Pirzadeh, Design
    Mitigate Patient Falls within the Acuity Adaptable Units

Digital Communication

  • First Place: Austin Shurtliff, Mass Communications
    Creating an Inspiring Graphic Novel that Transports Tweens

Financial Concerns

  • First Place: Kaplan Sanders, Personal Financial Planning
    Financial Literacy and Payday Loan Use
  • Runner-Up: Johnson Antwi, Personal Financial Planning
    How is Financial Literacy Related to Credit-Card Usage?

Health and Well-Being

  • First Place: Emily Glaeser, Geosciences
    Hearing the Deaf Community


  • First Place: Morgan Hargrave, History
    Memory and Commemoration of Jamestown Colony in American School Books, 1776-1860
  • Tied for Runner-Up: Eric Milman, Mass Communications
    Family History and World Views: National Identity in Light of Genealogy
  • Tied for Runner-Up: Nihar Sreepada & Ahmet Aksoy Co-Presenters,
    Mass Communications
    Digital Archives: How Western Media Remembers the Gezi Park Protest

Instruction and Learning

  • First Place: Xiaofang Zeng, Curriculum & Instruction
    Comparing Learning Outcomes in a Mathematics Teaching Method Course: Face-to-face, Hybrid and Online
  • Runner-Up: Yamato Kitahashi, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
    An Idiodynamic approach to learners' enjoyment: explicit instruction and output opportunities bring enjoyment to learners

Issues in Education

  • Tied for First Place: Hamid Noghanibehambari, Economics
    School Finance Reform and Juvenile Crime
  • Tied for First Place: Elizabeth Klammer, Curriculum & Instruction
    Teachers Perceptions on their initial Global Collaboration on Environmental Sustainability

Literary Analysis

  • First Place: Lawrence Chamunorwa, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
    African adaptations of Ancient Greek tragedy: Rethinking Aeschylus' Agamemnon and J. P. Clark's Song of a Goat

One-Act Plays

Excellence in Directing

  • Tied for First Place: Lindsay Rigney, Theatre Arts
    "How a Heart Works"
  • Tied for First Place: Zach Dailey, Theatre Arts
    "Rest Stop"

Excellence in Playwright

  • First Place: Hillary Boyd, Theatre Arts
    "Rest Stop"

Political Issues

  • First Place: Julie Grandjean, Mass Communications
    Candidates' appearances predict the outcome of gubernatorial elections

Sociocultural Issues

  • First Place: Liz McNaughtan, Communication Studies
    The Two Body Problem: Organizational Experiences and Recommendations of Dual-Academic Couples
  • Tied for Runner-Up: Kerry Chavez, Political Science
    Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Threat of Democratized Artificial Intelligence
  • Tied for Runner-Up: Sarah Schiffecker, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
    Feeling the Spirit. International students' perception of and participation in the phenomenon of school spirit on U.S. college campuses.

Visual and Performing Arts

  • First Place: Jose Santos Ardivilla, Art
    Black Santos for Brown Bodies