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Interested in Applying for Financial Aid?

  1. To be considered for all federal, state and institutional need-based and non-need based financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov). 
    • TTU Financial Aid & Scholarship Office will award all federal , state and institutional aid based on FAFSA completion and student eligibility.  Graduate students are considered full time with 9 hours per semester.  Grant funding will be prorated if student is enrolled less than full time.  Most financial aid will require that a graduate student be in at least 6 hours per semester.
    • Grant funding is limited and awarded based on the FAFSA application date.  Priority is given to applications received by March 15 for the subsequent academic aid period.
    • Student loans will be awarded based on student enrollment status (at least 6 credit hours) and the student's estimated cost of attendance (total financial aid budget including tuition and fees, room, board, books, transportation allowance and personal/miscellaneous allowance.  You may view this estimated cost of attendance via MyTech after you have completed the FAFSA application.  Total awards may not exceed the estimated cost of attendance.  Federal  loan limits for graduate students is $20,500 for the year.  For more information regarding federal student loans, visit www.studentloans.gov.  If awarded federal student loans, you must complete a Master Promissory Note and complete Entrance Loan Counseling via www.studentloans.gov.  If you are graduating you must complete Exit Loan Counseling the semester you are scheduled to graduate via www.studentloans.gov
    • For information regarding state loan funding, visit www.hhloans.com.  
    • For information regarding private loans, visit www.financialaid.ttu.edu.  
  2. Students will receive an email notification when awards are available to accept via MyTech.

Changing Your Matriculation & the Effect on Financial Aid

If your matriculation is updated (undergraduate to graduate) after you have submitted an application for financial aid, you should contact the financial aid office regarding your financial aid eligibility as your award eligibility may change.

Summer Financial Aid

Email will go out to all current students approximately the middle of March when summer application is available.  Summer eligibility will be based on enrollment and remaining annual loan limit eligibility.  Required enrollment for student loans is 6 credit hours.

Employee Tuition Assistance Waiver

Texas Tech employees may qualify for an Employee Tuition Assistance waiver, which will waive tuition and fees for one course per semester for fall, spring, and summer terms.

Gelin Emergency Loan Fund

Students and professor

The Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Gelin Loan Fund was established by the estate of the late Carl H. Gelin. Mr. Gelin studied Engineering at Texas Tech University from 1939-1941. He was a member of the Texas Tech Ex-Students Association and an avid supporter of the University. Understanding the need for graduate education, Mr. Gelin established a $1 million endowment to assist graduate students at Texas Tech.

  • Purpose
    The loan program provided by Mr. Gelin is designed to financially help students in a number of ways, such as: family emergencies or other unexpected events. The goal of this loan is to provide students with an interest-free, quick and easy alternative to the traditional loan process.
  • Guidelines
    The Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Gelin Loan Fund is available to any graduate student working on a graduate degree or certification program at Texas Tech University or Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. All applicants must be on campus and must be full-time graduate students with a financial need and in good standing with the Graduate School.
  • Loans of $500 or less
    • Complete the online application to the Graduate School to be approved by the Dean.
    • Amounts of $500 or less must be paid back within 120 days, at 5% interest, after the loan is received.
  • Loans of More than $500 and up to $2,500
    For loans that total more than $500, the process involves a slightly more detailed application, which is available in the Graduate School or online.
    • A committee will review the application and selection will be based on need.
    • Repayment of loans for this amount begins the month after the student receives the funds and the monthly payments typically range from $50-$100.
    • The loan must be paid back by the time the student graduates or leaves Texas Tech at 0% interest.
  • To apply online - https://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/private/default.aspx