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Thank you for your interest in Texas Tech University. Our professional staff is here to answer your questions and help prepare you for your transition to campus. The International Sponsored Student Programs Office is proud to serve international sponsored students from around the world, currently with students from 15 different nations. 


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Information for Sponsors

Sponsors are third−party agencies who provide a guarantee of payment for student registration and tuition. Qualifying sponsors can be, among others, corporations, private organizations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies and international embassies. Tuition/fees will be charged to sponsoring agencies provided that all requirements are met by both domestic and international agencies.

A sponsoring agency must provide a valid financial guarantee for the student to present to the Sponsored Student Office at the beginning of each semester. Payment by sponsors to Texas Tech University is expected within 30 days of the invoice date.

Become a Sponsor

 Download the form and email the completed form to sponsored.students@ttu.edu

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Financial Guarantee

Texas Tech University reserves the right to decline acceptance of a financial guarantee for any reason. If a financial guarantee is not accepted by the institution, the matriculating student must make alternate arrangements for payment of all tuition and fees.

The financial guarantee must be approved and in place SEVEN (7) days BEFORE the established Texas Tech University tuition payment deadlines set by the institution each semester. Any guarantees presented after this date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but the student must personally enroll in a payment plan with Student Business Services until a final review is complete.

Because of the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Privacy Act of 1974, the university may not release information regarding financial or academic records without the written consent of the student.

Financial Guarantee Guidelines:

  • The contact information for the advisor/representative that can make decisions regarding the student and their academic program.
  • Indication of sponsorship duration, either a certain number of years or for the duration of the student's degree.
  • Health insurance is mandatory for international students. Sponsored students must either be covered by a sponsor policy prior to arrival at the university or the sponsor will be billed for TTU student health insurance on the tuition/fee invoice. If the sponsor is providing insurance for the student, basic information on the applicable policy must be provided, and a waiver from the mandatory TTU insurance will be processed on behalf of the student by this office. Sponsor must acknowledge in writing that student health insurance coverage purchased through Texas Tech University is for the student ONLY.Family members and dependents must be covered independently and premiums paid in advance by either the sponsor or the student.
  • Precisely what the sponsor will pay for must be clearly articulated, (i.e. tuition, fees, room and board, student health visits).
  • If the student will be receiving an independent stipend, the amount per month or year must be disclosed.
  • Definition of those charges for which the sponsor will not pay, for example, library fines, parking permits or citations, health center visits, etc.
  • Indication if summer sessions are authorized.
  • If the sponsoring agency does not provide a U.S. or Canadian mailing address, the agency must agree in writing to accept electronic invoices from the university.



Information for
Prospective Sponsored Students

Undergraduates Graduates
For more information regarding undergraduate admissions for international students, visit the prospective international undergraduate students website. Admissions deadlines for graduate programs vary by department. Visit the University's Graduate School to learn more about the graduate programs and their respective deadlines.
Undergraduate Degrees Graduate Degrees
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nutrition
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
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Information for
Current Sponsored Students

For students we provide:

  • Once admitted, the ISSP (not international admissions staff) will assist the student(s) in gathering their I-20 documentation; and will then issue the I-20.
  • Working with students from application through graduation and beyond. This includes serving as their immigration advisor, as well as providing personal, financial, and some (limited) academic counseling.
  • Immigration document issuance and on-going immigration support
  • Manage tuition bill payments for students with signed billing agreements
  • Personalized advising services to support the students' welfare during their period of study
  • Assistance for students in fulfilling sponsor's requirements
  • Issuance of customized letters upon request
  • Communication services between agencies and sponsored students
  • Ongoing updates through sponsored student lists and monthly newsletter
  • Grade reports (transcripts) to the sponsoring agency at the end of each semester
  • Regular student gatherings and networking events through International Student Life

What are my obligations as a student?

Students must present a valid financial guarantee to the sponsored student office 7 days before the TTU tuition payment deadline. This official date published by the university is the deadline to pay your tuition bill or enroll in a payment plan. Students who do not present their financial guarantee by this date must enroll in a payment plan and should not expect to receive a refund for the payment plan fee. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a financial guarantee on file with the Sponsored Student Office for the duration of your sponsorship. You are responsible for any charges not covered by your sponsor. Students must also notify us via email before making alterations to their academic programs or course enrollments.



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