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Bachelor of Arts in
Political Science

Texas Tech University offers the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, designed to provide students with a broad context of the constantly advancing specialization of political science. Instruction within this degree option includes valuable insight relating to law, journalism, civil service, non-profit organizations, and politics. Upon completion of this bachelor's degree, students will have a comprehensive knowledge base revolving around political values, policy issues, and foreign policy, making career choices exciting and fascinating.

Three job options Intelligence Analyst, Attorney, Political Campaign Staff

Bachelor of Science in
Human Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences is designed for students who wish to pursue multiple fields of study within the College of Human Sciences. It provides flexibility for students to explore specific areas of interest, work toward career goals, or prepare for graduate or professional study.

Popular Areas of Interest: Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies, Human Development and Family Studies, Nutrition

Featured Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in
Digital Media and Professional Communication*

Texas Tech University offers the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Professional Communications degree. Students who complete this degree option will learn excellent skills allowing them to excel within the growing digital media and communications industry. Areas of study include but are not limited to specialized writing skills designed for communicating and advertising in a global society, communications theory and research, advertising creativity and sales.

Three courses of interest:

  • PCOM 2320: Corporate Citizenship
  • PCOM 3373: Business Communication
  • PR 3352: Public Relations Event Management

Three job options: Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manger, Event Specialist, (Media Coordinator)

Bachelor of
General Studies*

The Bachelor of General Studies is a flexible degree within the College of Arts and Sciences. This major allows students to design their own course of study under three areas of concentration. The BGS is a great option for students seeking a well-rounded degree.

Popular Areas of Concentration: Biology, History, Kinesiology

Job Opportunities: Students can be just as creative with their job options as they can with designing their perfect degree under General Studies!

Bachelor of Arts or Science in
University Studies*

University Studies is a customizable major that encourages integrative learning and fosters new areas of discovery. By facilitating student learning across departments, the Office of the Provost provides a unique course of study that allows students with multiple interests to achieve their academic goals.

Popular Areas of Concentration: Organizational Leadership, Communication Studies, Human Resource Development

Job Opportunities: Students can be just as creative with their job options as they can with designing their perfect degree under University Studies!

Bachelor of Arts in
Technical Communication*

The Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication will provide a broad liberal arts background and intensive training in the principles and practices of technical communication. It will prepare students for careers as technical communicators, editors, grant writers, website developers, information architects, and publications managers in a wide variety of professional domains. It also will prepare students for graduate education in technical communication as well as in law, business, science, and medicine.

Three courses of interest:

  • ENGL 3366: Style in Technical Writing
  • ENGL 4368: Advanced Web Design
  • ENGL 4366: Technical and Professional Editing

Three job options: Technical Writer, Website Developer, Editor

Bachelor of Arts in

The Bachelor of Arts in English develops an understanding of contemporary discourse and literary heritage and strengthens creative and analytical abilities. There are two concentrations available to students as a part of this degree: Literature and Language and Creative Writing. Students majoring in English with a concentration in literature and language study literary works from a wide variety of periods and genres. They learn to think critically and analytically about literature and about language itself. The concentration in creative writing is designed for students wishing to write fiction, nonfiction, and/or poetry with the guidance of teachers who write. This plan allows maximum concentration in literature courses so that, as they write, students may further understand and appreciate the aspects and techniques of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Three courses of interest:

  • ENGL 3351: Creative Writing
  • ENGL 4315: Studies in Film
  • ENGL 3372: History of the English Language

Three job options: Writer, Librarian, Teacher

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in
Human Sciences*

Texas Tech University's Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Human Sciences offers individuals who have completed an Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences in a Human Sciences – related academic area a flexible path to earning their bachelor's degree. Students will utilize their workforce experience and technical college degree to market a diverse skill set.

Content Areas: Students will have the opportunity to focus on Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, Human Development, and Personal Finance.

Three job options: Education, Mental Health Counseling, Financial Planner

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in
Early Childhood Education*

In this new program, you will integrate and apply an understanding of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development as it applies to children in diverse environments. Join the only BAAS program in Texas with a focus on early childhood. You will have the advantage of learning from experts in child development and early childhood research. This 2-year to 4-year BAAS degree in early childhood education offers unparalleled training for careers that make a difference in the lives of young children.

Three courses of interest:

  • EC 3306: Understanding Child and Adolescent Behavior
  • HDFS 3322: The Family in the Community
  • EC 3350: Development in Cross Cultural Perspective

Three job options: College Success Manager, Educator, Health Care Professional

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in
Applied Leadership*

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Applied Leadership allows students to utilize their technical studies background while pursing of areas of concentration designed to cultivate innovates leaders. Students focus on two concentration areas consisting of upper-level coursework within human resource development and organizational leadership. Additional core curriculum and language requirements complete this well-rounded degree option.

Three courses of interest:

  • HRDV 4301: Principles of Leadership in the Workplace
  • HRDV 4306: Strategic Leadership in Human Resource Development
  • COMS 3356: Leadership and Communication

Three job options: Leadership Coach, Project Manager, Entrepreneur

*featured online degrees allow for advising in person and coursework to be completed online.

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