Texas Tech University

Current Graduate Students 


Doctoral Students:

A - F

Alfredo Aguilar | PhD student

Dissertation Title: " The Keepers and the Kept: Texas prison gangs, the law, and Latinos in the era of mass incarceration, 1970 - 2000"

Advisor: Dr. Miguel Levario

Willie Armstrong | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Constrained yet Circumvented: The  Churches of Christ and the Life of Blanche Perry"

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

John Aylesworth | PhD student

Dissertation Title: The Establishment and Training of the Vietnamese Marine Corps by the U.S. Marines 1950-1963

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

James Barber | PhD student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Hahn

Joseph Beard | PhD student

Dissertation Title: " American and British Relations with China, 1784 - 1860

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Frank Bellizzi | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "The Standard of King Immanuel: The Worlds of Meta Chestnutt Sager ( 1863 - 1948)"

Advisor: Dr. Mark Stoll

Olivia Bursch | PhD student

Dissertation Title: " Nos Sentimos Libres

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Aritra De | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Legacy of the Cold War on the Socio-Political and Cultural Sphere of West Bengal"

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Vicki De Leon | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Imagining New Mexico, 1780 - 1920"

Advisor: Dr. Gretchen Adams

Chad Demars | PhD student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Randy McBee

Olga Delgadillo | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Papacy and Bishops of the Thirteenth Century"

Advisor: Dr. John Howe

David Dixon | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Origins of the Fracking Revolution"

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Hahn

Jenna Domeischel | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Social and Cultural Factors in the Shaping of America's Museums"

Advisor: Dr. Catherine Franklin

Stephen Eldridge | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Observations Historical and Practical on the Rise and Primitive State of New England": A Transatlantic of Puritan and Dissenting Claims to Primitive Christianity in Colonial New England, 1963 - 1716"

Advisor: Dr. Mark Stoll

Mengesha Endalew | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Contested Narratives in Ethiopian History"

Advisor: Dr. Paul Bjerk

Joel Frary | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "The Cult of the American Soldier: The Memory of Vietnam in American History"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam


G - M 

Frank Garro | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Push Forces for Rural America: 1900 - 1945"

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

John Gendron | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Regulation of Textile Industry in Early Modern England"

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen

Mansell Gilmore | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "AIDS and the Intertribal Community of the San Francisco Bay Area"

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

David Johnson | PhD student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Patricia Pelley

Carlyn Kahl | PhD student

Research interests: 20th Century U.S. military and World War II tactical aviation

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Brooke Kennel | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Anointed Monarch, Warrior King: Chivalry, Sacrality and the Political Performance of Plantagenet Kingship"

Advisor: Dr. John Howe

Devi Khajishvili | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Post-Soviet Georgia's Nation-Building and its Geostrategic situation in the Wider World"

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Bennett Kimbell | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "The Enemy is Within Sight of Us: War, Empire, and Reform in Bourbon Texas, 1763 - 1783"

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen

Clayton Kozan | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Mass Communications and U.S. Foreign Relations"

Advisor: Dr. Justin Hart

Samantha Lack | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Innocent Deviants: Petitioning for Juvenile Offenders in England in the 1830s"

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen

Cody Lass | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "British North America, Atlantic World, Seven Years War, American Revolution"

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen

Geoffrey Lewis | PhD student

Dissertation Title: " The Cold War and Rural Texas"

Advisor: Dr. Justin Hart

Nabanipa Majumder | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Effect of Cold War Politics on the Bangladesh Liberation War"

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

David McDaniel | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "The Grand Strategy of Castile and Léon from Alfonso VI to Alfonso X: 1065 - 1284"

Advisor: Dr. John Howe

 Ian McDowell | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Mexican American and African Americans in the Desegregation of Dallas Independent School District: A Tri-Racial Examination of Grassroots Political Social Activism"

Advisor: Dr. Miguel Levario

Rebecca McGee | PhD student

Dissertation Title: Post Traumatic Disorder and the Vietnam War

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Aaron Mckenzie | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Military & Diplomatic History"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Karen Milmine | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Set the World on Fire": Ecclesiastical Scrutiny as Spiritual Disability in the Mysticism of Catherine of Siena, Rita of Cascia, and Lucia Brocadelli of Narni"

Advisor: Dr. John Howe


N - Z 

Uyen Nguyen | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "MAT Teams in a Mad War: U.S. Army's Advisory Effort in the Militarization of Pacification in the Vietnam War"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Kimberlee Ortiz | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Forcing Domestic Stability: Korean-American Diplomatic Relations Amidst the Democratization Movement in the Republic of Korea, 1948 - 1987

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Reda Rafei | PhD student

Research interests: Ottoman, gender, & Middle East

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

Abel Rios | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Double Minorities: Latino and Black Noncombatants in America's Longest War"

Advisor: Dr. Mark Stoll

Roberto Sisinni | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Popular justice: The case of the Republic of Venice"

Advisor: Dr. Stefano D'Amico

Tracy Stewart | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "The Farm Crisis of 1980 in the Texas Panhandle"

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

Giang Trinh | PhD student

Research interests: Sino-Vietnamese Relations, Women at War, Vietnam War

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins

Christopher Trobridge | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Jetsetting: The Development and Adoption of Commercial Jet Airliners"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

James Vice | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Pantex: From Wheat to Nuclear Weapons on the Llano Estacado"

Advisor: Dr. Mark Stoll

Courtney Vojtko | PhD student

Research interests: World War II U.S. Army Air Force

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Joel Webster| PhD student

Research interests: U.S. History, Modern Conservatism, Interwar Years, Political History, & Intellectual History

Advisor: Dr. Sean Cunningham

Philip Webster| PhD student

Research interests: Military and Diplomatic History

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Gretchen Williams | PhD student

Dissertation Title: "Hidden in Plain Sight Gitanos Trianeros Early Modern Seville"

Advisor: Dr. Stefano D'Amico

 Garry Wright | PhD student

Research interests: Latin America, 1750s

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen


Master Students:

A - F

Micah Austin | MA student

Dissertation Title: "1600-1700 Germany: Religion and Politics"

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Baum

Caleb Bielby | MA student

Dissertation Title: "You're Welcome for my Service: "Dysfunctional Veterans", Stolen Valor, and the Social Groups of Post-War Soldiers"

Advisor: Dr. Randy McBee

Savannah Burns | MA student

Research interests: Myths, Cultures, and the Supernatural in Early to Late Medieval Period

Advisor: TBD

Kimberly Calvert | MA student

Dissertation Title: "On the Cusp: The Origins of Scottish Jacobitism and the Anglo-Scottish Union"

Research interests: 17th & 18th Century Scotland and England

Advisor: Dr. Abigail Swingen

Kevin Carlile | MA Student

Research interests: Race inequality in American public education

Advisor: Dr. Randy McBee

Tyler Collins | MA student

Research interests: American West, Environment, and Labor

Advisor: Dr. Randy McBee

John Conrad | MA student

Research interests: Early Modern Germany: Thirty Years War

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Baum

William Fey | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Less Politicians, More Smokestacks and Businessmen": W.Lee " Pappy" O'Daniel, Anti-Union Activism, and the Rise of a New Texan Conservative Politics"

Advisor: Dr. Sean Cunningham

 Leah Frank | MA student

Dissertation Title: " Boston Masculinity"

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

Martin Fuller | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Watchman Nee and the Question of the Signification of Christianity"

Advisor: Dr. Laura Calkins


G - M 

Elisha Mercado-Gilmore | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Chicano Movements and Masculinity"

Advisor: Dr. Miguel Levario

 Chi Ha | MA student 

Dissertation Title: "Music for Soldiering: Vietnamese Popular Music during the Vietnam War"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

 Hany Kalash | MA student

Dissertation Title: "How the Muslim Brotherhood's Political Views and Attitudes Evolved since its inception in Egypt"

Advisor: Dr. Paul Bjerk

Kaitlyn Malatak | MA student

Dissertation Title: "International Business History in the 20th Century"

Advisor: Dr. Barbara Hahn

Kalea McFadden | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Atrocities in the Civil War Prison System"

Advisor: Dr. Catharine Franklin

Ryan Michelin | MA student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Erin-Marie Legacey

Michael Moffatt| MA student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: TBD

Bethany Moore | MA student

Research Interest: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Justin Hart

Victor Moore | MA student

Research interests: Terrorism and Political Speech on Subject

Advisor: Dr. Sean Cunningham


N - Z 

Baltazar Pacheco | MA student

Dissertation Title: "US Political Foreign Policy in Vietnam: Analyzing the Presidencies from Truman to Nixon"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Justin Salgado | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Gay Rodeos"

Advisor: Dr. Emily Skidmore

Christopher San Miguel | MA student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: Dr. Gary Forsythe

Stormi Smith | MA student

Dissertation Title: "The Effects of PTSD on Soldiers: When the Military Began Placing Soldiers with Diagnosed PTSD Back into the Battlefield"

Advisor: Dr. Ron Milam

Victoria Stambaugh | MA student

Research interests: United States - 20th/21st Century

Advisor: Dr. Julie Willett

Jessica Tharp | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Ethnogenesis"

Advisor: Dr. John Howe

Melissa Thompson | MA student

Research interests: Women's and Gender History

Advisor: Dr. Emily Skidmore

Jeff Tinnell | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Race and Gender Roles in Wrongful Convictions"

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Johnson

Juan Vela | MA student

Dissertation Title: "Fractures: Political Identity in the Fall of the Late Republic"

Advisor: Dr. Gary Forsythe

Justin Walker | MA student

Dissertation Title: TBD

Advisor: TBD

Wendy Wurmstein | MA student

Research interests: USSR/Russia, military history, intellectual history, Cold War, space race

Advisor: Dr. Alan Barenberg