Texas Tech University

Honors College Strategic Plan


The Honors College at Texas Tech University will be the focal point for delivery of a liberal arts curriculum and provides key elements of a small college experience for students who have access to the benefits of attending a large, research-intensive university.


The Texas Tech University Honors College is dedicated to providing an enriched educational experience for highly motivated, intellectually capable, and curious students. This mission is accomplished through courses and activities designed to promote:

  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • scholarly investigation and research
  • willingness to consider different perspectives
  • civic engagement
  • global awareness
  • effective communication skills
  • leadership
  • integrity


Coincident with the Vision, the values to which we subscribe are:

  • Knowledge: Honors College students acquire a broad-based, liberal arts, and global education to prepare themselves for the expansive opportunities that exist beyond the university.
  • Service: Honors College students strive to be partners in the community, regional, national, and global conversations. Through study abroad programs and involvement in community-building activities, our students find their place with renewed perspective to make notable contributions.
  • Integrity: Honors College students grow in an ethical environment where their positive actions serve as examples to others and there is a continuous evolution of high-standing principles.
  • Courage: Honors College students will develop the fortitude to take action in difficult conversations and situations even when they are in the minority.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

Strategic Planning Report for FY 2018

  • Priority 1: Increase Enrollment and Promote Student Success
  • Priority 2: Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation
  • Priority 3: Expand and Enhance Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Priority 4: Further Outreach and Engagement
  • Priority 5: Increase and Maximize Resources

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