Texas Tech University



Summer 2024 Research Areas

Students may apply to the following research areas in 2024. 

Please note - Students are stricly prohibited from contacting TTU faculty members directly for any Clark Scholars Program related inquiries. 


Nutritional Sciences

(nutrient-gene interactions and the endocrine function of adipose tissue in obesity-associated inflammation and metabolic disorders, especially diabetes and cardiovascular disease)


Biology/Cellular & Microbiology

(Microbial interactions during infection; Cellular differentiation in biofilms; Metalloregulation of bacterial physiology; microbial symbiosis; high throughput genome and transcriptome sequencing; bioinformatics; population and comparative genomics; confocal microscopy; phylogenomics; microevolutionary analysis; Inflammation: macrophage responses to pore-forming toxins)


Computer Science

(Virtual and Augmented Reality; Big Data Visualization and Visual Analytics; Human and Computer Interaction; Computer Animation; Statistical data analysis; Data-intensive computing; Parallel and distributed computing; High-performance computing; Cloud computing; Computer architectures; Systems software)



(hormones modulate adaptive features of the stress response)


Mechanical Engineering

(Targeted Delivery of Nanotherapeutics; Multi-Modal Image-Guided Surgical Interventions for Cancer; Nanosensors for Early Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring)



(Modern American Politics; Conservatism; Texas, Sunbelt political culture: post-1945 fusion of the South and West)



(Inorganic Synthesis; (Supra)molecular Materials; Smart Molecules)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

(RF/Analog Circuits; Microwave/Millimeter-Wave sensing for Healthcare, Security, and Human-Machine Interface)


Honors College