Texas Tech University

Environment and the Humanities


The Environment and the Humanities (EVHM) minor focuses on the study of the environment and human culture. EVHM courses draw upon science, philosophy, literature, and the arts. Students are asked to examine the intersections between the humanities and the physical environment through research, literature, and critical and creative writing, as well as through travel, field trips, hiking, biking, and drawing. The EVHM minor offers the unique opportunity to combine the study of the humanities with science. Students can choose to take courses in biology, ecology, natural resource management, and astronomy in addition to studies in literature and art.

Through the EVHM minor, students may also become involved with the Outdoor Pursuits Center (OPC), which offers a variety of programs and activities primarily led by trained student leaders. For more information about the OPC, visit Rec Sports OPC

In addition, EVHM students may have the opportunity to work with Barry Lopez, a Distinguished Visiting University Scholar at Texas Tech University. Mr. Lopez's works have won several awards, including the National Book Award for Arctic Dreams (1986) and the John Burrows Medal for Of Wolves and Men (1978). He has brought exhibits to the University's art gallery, taught workshops, and makes regular visits to Texas Tech University to speak with students in a wide range of disciplines.

For more information contact:
Kurt Caswell, EVHM Director
Cheyenne Belew, EVHM Advisor