Texas Tech University

Honors Arts and Letters

What can you do with Honors Arts and Letters?

The world is changing daily and people who have a broad vision of the future, possess good communication and reasoning skills, and can adapt are in demand. The Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) degree is based on critical, ethical, and creative thought and teaches efficient communication. HAL prepares students for graduate or professional schools and to enter careers that require clear thinking and adaptability.

This degree is intended to provide students who have wide-ranging interests in the arts and humanities with a broad-based and flexible liberal arts education similar to what many small liberal arts colleges offer. HAL will provide you with a foundation in history, humanities, language, and art, while the track you chose within the major will allow you to focus on a more specific area of study or career track.

This major is especially appropriate for students who are considering a career in law and there is also a special track that assists students desiring to enter medical school with a broad, well-rounded background (and a competitive edge in the admissions process). HAL students are also well-qualified for admission to graduate schools in a variety of non-technical fields. The emphasis of the major is on critical thinking and problem-solving, which is an excellent preparation for many different career choices.

HAL Provides: