Texas Tech University

Humanities Minor

Why Minor in Humanities?

In our effort to discover who we are and where we are going, we must understand our past - and consider and contemplate the greatest achievements of human endeavor. The purpose of the Humanities minor is to give the inquiring and curious student a flexible and interdisciplinary program that will allow exploration in various areas of interest.

This minor encourages a broad-based and overarching approach to the investigation of human accomplishment which expresses visions of life and values for living that offer both enjoyment and wisdom.

What a Humanities Minor Offers:

  • Students can combine and explore several humanities disciplines.
  • A more in-depth examination of the world for the liberal arts major.
  • A different perspective on education and learning for the technology and science major.

Humanities Coursework:

  • 19 hours of coursework.
  • Completion of Introduction to Humanities I and Introduction to Humanities II.
  • Concentration in one of the three Humanities Tracks: Ancient, Medieval, or Modern
  • Completion of a one-hour capstone experience essay that summarizes the ways in which the courses within the selected track relate to one another.
  • These two foundation courses offer a unique opportunity to experience an overview of some of the outstanding examples of literature, philosophy, and the fine arts. They are presented as discussion-based seminars that are intended to serve as the context for further investigation in the greatest works of human achievement:
    • Introduction to Humanities I: A survey of the Ancient World through the Middle Ages.
    • Introduction to Humanities II: A survey of the Renaissance through the 20th Century.
Geneva Peterson