Texas Tech University

Capture the Flag competition

Rules of the Game

  1. The Capture the Flag competition (the “Competition”) will be active between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm during a designated time period each semester (ie. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).
  2. Each Honors House will be assigned flags bearing the House shield which a designated student must carry throughout the day clipped to their book bag/backpack. The flag must be visible at all times. Flags should be cared for and kept free of damage.
  3. Only Honors students who have submitted a Release Form will be eligible to participate.
  4. Games will run for a two-week period which will be announced via email and social media.
  5. Participants must wear an identifier determined by the Honors College to show they are playing. (i.e. Honor's t-shirt, arm band or bracelet, swag buttons.)
  6. Game tracking will take place using photos and postings on the Honors Houses Instagram account titled TTUhonors4houses.
  7. The object of the game is to capture other House flags as many times as possible. The House with the most captures during the game period will win the round and receive a total of 50 House Points.
  8. A different person must carry the flag each day in order to be eligible to play. A daily morning “Check-In” photo must be posted to Instagram at TTUhonors4houses. Please post a selfie with the House flag and include the student name in the caption.
  9. In order to capture the flag, the capturing house must outnumber the number of House Members present with the flag. (i.e. Two Haragan House Members are together with the flag. Only those with at least three members of their House or more present can capture the flag.)
  10. A flag may be captured by simply touching it or the attached book bag/backpack with two hands. At that point, the flag must be surrendered to the capturing House.
  11. The capturing House must post a photo of themselves with the flag and their names included in the caption to the official Instagram account. A House must wait one day before they can recapture that specific flag. However, a House may capture any other House's flag in the meantime.
  12. There will be no captures in the following locations or during any of these activities (“No Capture Zones”):
    • Any residence hall (excluding public areas such as dining areas);
    • During Honors events or formal activities including, but not limited to LCGs, luncheons, or study sessions; or
    • During class or other university function.

    After leaving the No Capture Zones (i.e., after leaving the dorm), flags cannot be captured within the No Smoking boundaries. Once the flag holder gets outside the No Smoking boundaries, the flag can be captured.

  13. Houses may team up and make an alliance to capture another House's flag; however, any such alliance will not protect a House from the risk of having their own flag captured if they have it with them. One point will be awarded to each House in the case of such an alliance during a capture.
  14. There will be no running at all in a parking lot, in the street or inside buildings.
  15. Captures must not be made forcibly. Individuals only need to touch the flag or book bag/backpack with two hands. Grabbing, pushing, tripping or trapping of any individual is strictly prohibited. Students breaking this rule will be banned from the game and House Point deductions will be made.
  16. Chasing each other on Lime Scooters, bikes or other similar recreational vehicles is not permitted. Captures must be made on foot.
  17. For safety, if there is ever reason for distress or any dangerous activity during the game someone can yell “Please stop” to stop the game and contact an Honors representative to report the disturbance and unsafe practice.
  18. This is intended to be a fun activity. Violations of these rules may result in removal of individuals or Houses from the competition, or cessation of the game. If such violation constitutes a violation of the Texas Tech University Code of Student Conduct, the violating student(s) may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for further action.

Release Form (required to participate)

Honors Flags