Texas Tech University

Individual Guest Reservations

University Student Housing provides individual guest housing reservations for guest professors, guest scholars, and departmental interns, as space allows. All individual reservations are accepted based on residence hall availability, and space may be limited due to the number of academic students living within the residence halls. Between June 1st and August 1st, University Student Housing also houses individual guests involved in Summer Conferences or Summer Academic Programs.


Summer Guest Reservations
(June 1st — August 1st)

Individuals participating in a group setting, such as a summer conference or academic program, will be housed within a block of rooms preset by the hosting department. The available dates and residence hall location are predetermined by University Student Housing conference staff and the hosting department.

A set amount of spaces are reserved for guest professors, guest scholars, and departmental interns affiliated with various Texas Tech departments.

Individual summer guests are housed in 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom suites that include a common living area and kitchenette. Due to limited space, guests will likely have suitemates.

Submitting a Summer Reservation

For individuals attending a group conference or academic program, the hosting department will send a notification when the group's reservation process opens. Reservations must be received no later than May 15, 2022.

Guest professors, scholars, and interns may apply for individual guest housing by completing the Individual Guest Reservation Form. Reservations must be received two weeks prior to arrival.


Fall and Spring Semester Reservations

University Student Housing works to accommodate individual reservations for guest professors, scholars, and interns during the academic year. Due to record student enrollment, spaces are limited. For information on availability and submitting a reservation, please contact housing.conferences@ttu.edu.