Texas Tech University

Conference Residence Halls


Due to Covid-19, Summer 2021 residence hall use will not be decided until Spring 2021. Residence hall availability will be determined by summer camp/conference numbers, renovation projects, staffing needs, and CDC, state, local, and University guidelines/restrictions.

Once we are able to determine which residence halls will be available for Summer 2021 use, we will begin assigning camps/conferences to specific halls. We apologize for the inconvenience, as these decisions are typically made much sooner, and will do our best to have decisions made as soon as possible.

Apartment/Suite Halls

Suites style halls are only available for adult participants (18+ years and older).

As part of the contracting process, a building tour can be scheduled prior to the group's arrival.

Internet Services

Wifi is provided throughout all the residence halls, including rooms and common areas. Additionally, ethernet ports are available in most rooms.

Google Maps - Gates