Texas Tech University

University Student Housing


University Student Housing and Hospitality Services are components of the Division of Administration and Finance. We fully support the mission and vision of Texas Tech University through our programs and services.

University Student Housing Mission Statement

Promoting Student Success

Vision Statement

University Student Housing and Hospitality Services will be leaders in advancing the Texas Tech University experience.

We seek to enrich the personal development of all students through creating exemplary activities, developing state-of-the-art facilities, implementing dynamic programs, and supporting quality services.

University Student Housing and Hospitality Services are committed to our values:

  • Mutual respect and high ethical standards;
  • Cooperation and communication;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Community service and leadership;
  • Academic and intellectual freedom;
  • Pursuit of excellence;
  • Public accountability;
  • Social Justice;
  • Diversity.

University Student Housing will provide a residential experience that recruits, retains, and supports students through graduation.

Our living communities will provide opportunities for students to gain the skills needed for personal, social, and academic success. Our services, programs, activities, and facilities will enhance each student's individual effort toward academic and social growth, involvement and citizenship in a compassionate and inclusive community.