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Student Staff Positions

Client Relations

Client Relations student staff promote student housing in a variety of ways. Welcome Center student staff answer questions, give hall tours, and attend promotional events. Marketing student staff design and distribute marketing materials used to promote housing. Information Technology student staff assist in maintaining computer resources for University Student Housing.

Residence Life

Residence Life student staff work directly with full-time staff to assist in daily management and operation of the residence halls to create a positive living and learning environment.


Housing Services student staff work with professional interior designers to decorate the lobbies of the residence halls, decorate show rooms, and help to maintain facility blueprints.

Student Staff Applications:

Professional Staff Positions

Residence Life

Residence Life provides a variety of full-time positions which support the daily management and operations of the residence halls and work to promote positive living and learning environments at Texas Tech.

Client Relations

Client Relations offers several full-time positions designed to promote University Student Housing before students arrive on campus, while also assisting new students in applying for housing at Texas Tech.

Full-Time Staff Applications:


Crafts and Trade

Housing Services grants full-time positions for a variety of craft and trade positions, including mechanics, carpenters, and painters. These staff members ensure the buildings are in good working order while also making necessary repairs and maintenance.


Housing Services offers full-time positions for housekeeping staff. These individuals help clean and maintain the residence hall public areas, including the hallways, lobbies, and community bathrooms.

Other Positions

In addition to the positions described above, University Student Housing hires a variety of other professions, including managers, computer programmers, and accountants, as needed.