Texas Tech University

Common Employment Questions

Is there a roommate or domestic partner policy at Texas Tech?

Full-time and graduate student live-in staff may have one (1) other adult occupant reside in their apartment. Staff with dependents are the exception, and this exception only extends to the dependent children.

Are pets allowed?

The USH Professional Staff Pet Policy is intended for live-in professionals that are Residence Life Coordinators (RLC), Graduate Hall Coordinators (GHC) and Graduate Assistants (GA) working for University Student Housing (USH) at Texas Tech University. Staff may have one (1) pet which is considered a "typical household pet including:

  • One Indoor Cat or
  • One Indoor Dog (No more than 40 pounds and the dog must be considered a “friendly breed”) or
  • Fish Tank (up to 25 gallons)

The RLC/GHC/GA will be expected to pay a partially refundable pet deposit in the amount of $500 before acquiring said pet.

Staff members are responsible for maintaining proper hygiene, health and vaccniation of the cat or dog. All precations must be taken to avoid flea, tick and other infestations within the staff's assigned living space and hall. It is the responsibility of the RLC/GHC/GA to treat their pet for common issues such as fleas/ticks and heartworms. The pet must be up-to-date with rabies vaccinations and other vaccinations recommended by their vet. Rabies vaccination must be completed within 30 days of acquiring the pet and must be administered every three years after. Proof of vaccination will be submitted to the RLC/GHC/GA's Assistant Director and kept in the pet owner's pet documentation file.

The City of Lubbock ordinance #9485 requires that all pet owners of cats and dogs over the age of 4 months kept within the city limits of Lubbock must be issued a license from the City of Lubbock. Additional expectations and policies apply and may be provided upon request.

Do you have an on-call rotation?

Yes, we break our campus into two on-call areas. All Residence Life Coordinators and second-year Graduate Assistants participate in this rotation each semester. Each staff member in a rotation is on-call for 2-3 weeks each semester.

Are there opportunities to collaborate with other departments?

All department staff are assigned to serve on different committees with the opportunity to participate on division wide or campus wide committees. Examples include StrengthsQuest Advocates, Summer Reader Selection, Raiders Inspiring Staff Excellence, and Undergraduate Research. Many of our residential learning communities have strong ties with both student affairs and academic areas. In-hall staff collaborate monthly with the Student Counseling Center. Our positions allow staff many opportunities to collaborate with other departments for programming, problem solving, and networking.

What opportunities for Personal and Professional Development are there at Tech?

The University waives tuition for three academic credit hours each semester (with the approval of your supervisor and enrollment in a degree program) for full time staff. Graduate Assistants receive out of state tuition waivers and have some fees waived or paid. Our Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs teaches several courses with the Higher Education program and highly encourages staff to take classes to continue their development.

Professional development funds are available for both graduate assistant and full time positions. These funds can be used for a variety of developmental activities including Conference Attendance (pending approval) and webinars. Residence Life Coordinators have recently had $1000 in and Graduate Assistants $750 in professional development funds. Additionally, Texas Tech hosts a variety of conferences, lectures, talks, and outside presenters. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow at Texas Tech.