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Living Responsibly

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As our on-campus population continues to grow, our responsibility to our environment and community has to keep up. University Student Housing is committed to doing our part by improving energy efficiency in our existing halls, reducing the amount of water and chemicals used by our housekeeping staff and improving air quality with HEPA air filters.

Be on the lookout for recycling bins in all the Residence Halls. University Student Housing can also help you recycle ink cartridges and batteries. Contact us at housing.gogreen@ttu.edu to find out how!

Recycling Resources

How many drink cups do you go through in a day? Do you need to copy out 50 pages from that book in the library? Just by reconsidering and modifying some of our daily habits, we can work to reduce, reuse and recycle many resources.

Sustainability starts with becoming aware of how our daily activities affect the environment around us.

Just how much did University Student Housing recycle last year (2018 - 2019)?

Recycling Stats FY 2019 in tons

Recycling stats 2019Recycling Stats 2012 - 2019 in tons